Family Connections Parent Panel Discussion

3-5 PM at Voris CLC

Ask questions (any question at all) and participate in helping us develop future programs and services to enrich the lives of our community.

Parenting is a tough business! We need each other to be better parents, Urban Connection is hosting an open panel discussion to talk about the issues. Come and ask questions to a panel staffed by seasoned veterans, come to contribute your insights, come to help develop new programs. Let's work together to make our families and community better.  Whether you have a teen or a toddler, come be a part of a community. (Also, free childcare and food!)

WIN! preregister at for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Duma meats. Then come to the event for a chance to win another $50 gift card to Duma meats.  Kids are invited! we will have great childcare workers  playing games in the gym at Voris during the program.  (prizes and food for the kids also!)

Voris is at the corner of Waterloo and Glenmount.

The event is located at:
1885 Glenmount Ave.
Akron, OH 44301
Charles Murphy

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