Successfully Navigating the Murky Waters of Fair Use, Public Domain & Permissions

This class is an informative and engaging presentation tailored specifically for writers and independent publishers who want straightforward, clear and concise answers to the most common and pressing legal issues in the publishing industry.

After attending this class, you will understand how to:

  • incorporate other written and creative works in your writing
  • how and when to obtain permission to use other works (like pictures, song lyrics, quotations and other protected materials)
  • how to own or acquire rights in works created by other people by using a work-for-hire agreement
  • and the critical and often misunderstood difference between fair use and public domain.

    About the Instructor

    Tonya M. Evans-Walls, is Visiting Professor of Law at Widener University School of Law (Harrisburg campus) and an attorney specializing in the areas of entertainment law (literary, music and film), intellectual property (copyright and trademark), estate planning, and municipal finance.

    She is the Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Sports, Entertainment and Art Law Committee, and has served as an adjunct professor of copyright, publishing and licensing at York College of Pennsylvania.

    She is a nationally recognized speaker who presents to various audiences regularly on publishing and intellectual property law and estate planning issues.

    Professor Evans-Walls, known affectionately as "Lawyer by Day, Poet by Night" is also a performance poet and writer, and the author of numerous award-winning books, including Contracts Companion for Writers; Copyright Companion for Writers; Literary Law Guide for Authors: Copyright, Trademark, and Contracts in Plain Language; Seasons of Her; and SHINE! Her short story, Not Tonight appears in an anthology titled Proverbs for the People, published by Kensington.

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