Fund Accounting Clinic - San Francisco

Update - May 21, 2008: This training is full.

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Free one day training for Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) Supportive Housing Program (SHP) grantees and project sponsors

Fund Accounting is the first training in a series of financial management trainings for SNAPS grantees and project sponsors. Completion of the Fund Accounting Clinic is a prerequisite to attend the second training, Cost Accounting, scheduled for summer 2008.

The Fund Accounting Clinics in San Francisco (June 4, 2008) and Phoenix
(June 3, 2008)
are the last trainings that will take place before Cost Accounting is released.

Course Description 

The Fund Accounting training is a key building block in establishing an effective financial management system. The training will improve your understanding of fund accounting and how to use it to manage homeless programs. The trainers will address the following topics: 

  • Understandingcommon misconceptions about fund accounting
  • Differentiatingbetween allowable and unallowable costs
  • Chargingcosts to the appropriate grant
  • Budgetingfor SNAPS projects
  • Keepingaccurate time and activity reports
  • Identifyingand documenting match
  • Preparingaccurate grant reports

Participants will receive a reference manual and several handouts, including examples of budgets and time and activity reports that comply with fund accounting principles.

Who Should Attend

Fund Accounting is for Executive Directors, as well as financial and program managers or staff. This course is designed to focus on the interrelationship of program and financial management. We recommend each agency send one program and one financial manager / staff person. HUD urges all SNAPS grantees and sponsors to attend this important financial management training, which is a prerequisite for future financial management trainings.


The training and manual is provided free of charge by HUD. Registration is required to attend.


Participants will be responsible for their own meal arrangements and if necessary, lodging arrangements.

The facilities are accessible to persons with physical disabilities. Participants who require auxiliary aids or have other special needs should contact Vicky Liu at or (415) 677-7173 at least two weeks prior to the training so appropriate accommodations can be made.

Registration Deadline: May 26, 2008

To register for the training, click the Register Now button above. You will receive an email from confirming that your registration information has been recorded. This is not a confirmation that your registration has been accepted.

You will receive a separate email from confirming your registration has been accepted.

Capacity is limited. Register early to reserve a spot!

Upcoming Trainings

HUD will offer Cost Accounting, the next training in the financial management series, in summer 2008.

Cost Accounting focuses on accurately budgeting and tracking costs, allocating costs appropriately, and ensuring that all activity costs requested for reimbursement are eligible and compliant with financial management requirements.

Cost Accounting differs from Fund Accounting in that Fund Accounting focuses on the costs associated with a funding source, while Cost Accounting focuses on all of the costs associated with implementing an activity. Understanding Fund and Cost Accounting will assist your organization to develop comprehensive budgets and financial management systems to better administer your program.

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