***CHANGE***The Joy of Connecting "EXPERIENCE" (BRUNCH) - Women business owners who market with heart!

Tiffany Odutoye (oh-do-toy)
Joy of Connecting



Linda Evans
JOC Experience Host



The Joy of Connecting in Ohio!!


(a different kind of networking)!

Build your business.  Authentic Connections.

Join business women from Granville to Columbus (and Surrounding Areas) as we discover new relationships and ways to support one another in business.

At The Joy of Connecting (JOC) "Experience" you can enjoy a relaxing networking event in a nurturing environment where you can meet female entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals who are seriously interested in the mutual advancement and support of your and their businesses.

Even though membership is NOT required, you can attend as often as you wish! Invite friends, colleagues or anyone residing in Granville / Columbus, OH and surrounding areas. Attendees are limited to one per industry on a first-come basis at each event. This monthly experience is open to anyone interested in building relationships, expanding her business and having fun.

In order to register, follow these steps:

  • Select your ticket in the above "Ticket Information" section.
  • Verify your specific industry on the payment confirmation page
  • Confirm your spot by paying with credit card or select other options

NOTE:  “No shows” will be charged unless they call to reschedule their attendance three (3) days prior to the event.

What you receive:

• A delicious lunch with a beverage and dessert;
• A professional roster with all participants’ contact information;
• A folder with participants’ brochures and other literature enclosed;
• A # 10 envelop in which to organize all participants’ business cards; and
• An opportunity to verbally share your business with everyone for three (3) minutes.

What to Bring:

• A hearty appetite;
• At least 30 business cards;
• At least 30 brochures or leaflets about your business that will fit in a 8 ½” x 11” folder; and
• Optional door prize (maximum $25 to $30) to promote your business.

Possible outcome(s):

• Grow your business;
• Feel more connected in your community and other business professionals;
• Increase your circles of influence and further develop relationship marketing; and
• Learn about the variety of products and services offered in our area.

Come and join us for a wonderful one-of-a-kind experience including good food, fun and networking. I look forward to meeting each of you, learning more about you and your business, and exploring ways that we can help your business grow.

Learn more at:  http://www.thejoyofconnecting.com

Questions? Call 740 877 1320.

Ask me how you can volunteer and/or partner and come at NO cost!

Virtually yours,

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Tiffany Odutoye (Oh-do-toy)
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer
Virtual Partner, LLC
Ph 800.991.7538 x205



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