Excellerated NLP 4 in 1 Practitioner Certification Training - 9 Days (RSA)

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): Is the art, science and practice of excellence.

NLP is a life changing skill set that will allow you to accelerate and achieve goals and excellence in any area of your life you choose to focus on.

Increasingly used in cutting-edge multi national companies across the globe, NLP is the study of human excellence, with the attitude that in studying excellence we can recreate it, consistently in all areas.

Powerfully enabling anyone who seeks excellence.

Are you fed up of finding yourself stuck and fearful of the changes that are happening in the world and appear beyond your control? What would it do for you, your business and your family if you could move forward, consistently achieving your goals and living with passion? 

You may have heard of the outstanding results that Neuro Linguistic Programming can have in people’s personal and professional lives.   

Learning NLP offers you a practical way of making a quantum leap in your personal development, communication skills and self-confidence. Whether you apply what you learn in the context of your personal life or your professional life, the results are limitless! Run in a relaxed atmosphere, this course will introduce you to the main concepts of NLP that you can begin to successfully apply in your life to create even better results.  

You will benefit from this course as a Business Professional, Sales Person, Consultant, Personal Trainer,Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Trainer, Manager or Leader and are enthusiastic about applying the latest developments in NLP to teaching, learning and development.

Why would you attend this 9 day training?

Along with the comprehensive pre-study, this is for anyone who:

·         Is working towards performance improvement in all aspects of your life

·         Is wanting to be a better Coach, Therapist, Educator, Trainer or Business Professional

·         Wants to identify your obstacles and discover your personal strategies for overcoming them easily

·         Is working towards excellence in your communication, presentation, marketing and selling skills

·         Wants to strengthen your self esteem, personal power and confidence

·         Wants to improve your personal and professional relationships

·         Wants to get clarity, focus or direction in areas of your life

·         Wants to learn powerful goal setting techniques that enables you to be consistently motivated and passionate about achieving your goals

·         Wants to improve your selling skills and be able to handle ALL objections easily and effectively

What will I gain by learning this?

·         You’ll become a certified practitioner of NLP

·         You’ll become a certified practitioner of Hypnosis

·         You’ll become a certified NLP Coach

·         You’ll become a certified practitioner of Time Line Therapy®

·         You’ll be trained in the 5 step sales process

·         You’ll receive 2 powerful books to support your learning as part of the pre-study

·         You’ll receive 20 CDs on every aspect of NLP as pre-study material

·         You’ll receive one of the most up to date, detailed manuals available, which includes the NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™ Techniques and NLP Coaching material

·         You’ll be encouraged and enabled to take a new perspective on problem solving

·         You’ll leave with increased Self Confidence and Self Awareness

·         You’ll acquire a set of skills & techniques that will change your life

·         You’ll be able to create your future without any barriers

Get these Internationally Recognised Certifications NOW and apply them immediately to your everyday living where you will notice a remarkable and powerful difference.


If these dates are unsuitable or you would prefer an onsite training anywhere in the UK, South Africa or Australia, please call us for an informal chat.

Because of the pre-study involved, registration for this event closes on 8th August 2009.

Further Discounts available for group bookings. Payment schemes may be available on request.

Call us about our reward scheme where you can receive 5% referral fee for your colleagues and friends who attend any of our trainings.

Contact in South Africa:                             ~|~     Contact in United Kingdom:

Tel: +27 786 787 170 in South Africa,         ~|~     Tel: +44 20 8133 8161
or                                                                       or
Email: nlpSA@ExcellenceAddicts.com         ~|~      Email: nlpUK@ExcellenceAddicts.com

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Early Bird Price   Ended $1475
Excelrated NLP Coaching Practitioner Standard   Ended $1895

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