Recession Retraining: Required Excel Skills

Are you prepared for your next interview? If you need to brush up on your Excel skills in order to qualify for your next job opportunity, then this class is a must. You will leave feeling confident that you can create basic tasks in Excel. You will receive  "recipies" to organize files, format a spreadsheet, add data and work with a list. We will cover the material in class so you completely understand the concept. You will then have the instructions that you can practice on your own until you feel like an expert with those tasks.


This class is ideal for beginners or intermediate users of Excel. Click here to register. Registration fee is $49.


Training is provided by Office Leverage, a workforce training firm specializing in Microsoft Office. For more information, viist or call 888.364.4222.


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Recession Retraining: Required Excel Skills , West Hills ...

Are you prepared for your next interview? If you need to brush up on your Excel skills in order to qualify for your next job opportunity, then this class is a must.

Recession Retraining: Required Excel Skills - Contact ...

Eventbrite - Recession Retraining: Required Excel Skills - Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at Offices of Ontrix Solutions, West Hills, CA.

Lessons from the implementation of training and …

Lessons from the implementation of training and retraining programmes in response to the Great Recession 5 6. Importance of targeting beneficiaries of training programmes

States focus on long-term unemployed

The overall unemployment picture has improved consistently since the end of the Great Recession, but the plight ... to Employment have demonstrated work skills in the past. They don't necessarily need retraining, but …

American-Republican • 12/1/2014

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Other research has already showed that those with college degrees fared better than those who lack them in the last recession. This study looked beyond education levels alone and drilled down into how the jobs people do and the skills required to do them ...

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Workers’ skills aren’t matching available jobs

The booming life sciences sector — which includes biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical-device companies — also has plenty of jobs available ... types of skills and is leaving many workers behind. Four years after the last recession ended, policy ...

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Labor Secretary Thomas Perez visits Northeast Ohio to see program part of national skills gap initiative

He praised LCCC President Roy Church for the school's collaborative efforts in closing the skills gap ... and the collaboration that is required to do this." Low-paying job growth has proliferated since the Great Recession. More recently, initiatives ...

Cleveland Plain Dealer • By Olivera Perkins • 11/13/2014

The politicians-are-failing theory of unemployment

“Of course, we need a lot more new jobs, but there are already more than 3 million jobs open and unfilled in America, mostly because the people who apply for them don't yet have the required skills to ... down its own debts. Politicians tend to prefer ...

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From Welfare to Work: EXCEL Program Becomes Model of Success

“We’ve used the UCSF model as a kind of ‘cherry on the top’ demonstration to show senior policymakers from Washington how programs like this can actually work successfully to move individuals from …

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Editorial: Updating skills to match changing needs

Jobs going unfilled because required skills ... training and skills upgrading, but shortcomings are still some way from being corrected. Current unemployment is well below the peak of 3.3 per cent experienced during the last recession.

Asiaone Business • 8/15/2013

The divide between skills and available jobs

So far, that challenge is not being met, analysts say, though public and private partnerships for job retraining ... the recession. Jobs moved where workers could not — in some cases overseas — and the good jobs that remained required new skills.

Mail Tribune & Daily Tidings • 12/23/2013

Who’s Really To Blame for Unemployment?

Guided by the mythology of the “American dream”—the idea that, given the opportunity, the deserving will excel and rise above their peers—politicians often attribute unemployment to a mystical “skills ... be addressed by retraining workers ...

In These Times • By Michelle Chen • 2/5/2014

How Veteran Unemployment Compares To Overall Unemployment In Every State

As the economy continues to recover from the recession ... skills that can be translated to places like the telecommunications, engineering, and construction industries. So while the Dakotas may have booming …

The Business Insider • 7/15/2014

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