Excel 2003 - Formatting and Charts

What you will get out of this:

You will learn tips and tricks to present your excel sheets visually so that the areas of focus leap to your attention.  We will also explore how you can visually show yor data with charts..


Here is what we'll learn:

 Formatting a Worksheet
 Formatting Fonts with the Formatting Toolbar
 Formatting Values
 Adjusting Row Height and Column Width
 Changing Cell Alignment
 Adding Borders
 Applying Colors and Patterns
 Using the Format Painter
 Using AutoFormat
 Creating a Custom Number Format
 Creating, Applying, and Modifying a Style
 Formatting Cells with Conditional Formatting
 Merging Cells, Rotating Text, and using AutoFit
 Finding and Replacing Formatting

 Creating and Working with Charts
 Creating a Chart
 Moving and Resizing a Chart
 Formatting and Editing Objects in a Chart
 Changing a Chart’s Source Data
 Changing a Chart Type and Working with Pie Charts
 Adding Titles, Gridlines, and a Data Table
 Formatting a Data Series and Chart Axis
 Annotating a Chart
 Working with 3-D Charts
 Selecting and Saving a Custom Chart
 Using Fill Effects

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