e-Valuator June 22 - July 31, 2009

e-Valuator is for teachers who desire to gain expertise in creating effective assessment activities for online courses. Participants will already have a course or a shell in which they can build quizzes, assignments and self-assessment activities. At the same time, they will work from the perspective of the student in e-Valuator over a 6-week period of time. The focus is on designing assessment that actively engages learners, exploring a range of formative and summative assessment strategies, and increasing motivation through meaningful feedback. Use of Learning Management System assessment tools and other self-assessment software will be included.

Note: While this course is normally 7 weeks in length, it is 6 weeks long during the summer session. Although the time is condensed, the content is not.

Name Price Fee
CBE Employee Free
Non-CBE Employee $325 $8.12