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Wireless is the next disruptive technology that will cause a major shift in process automation and deliver new opportunities for performance breakthroughs. It will do this by further extending your information reach for better process control and asset management, by enabling your human "assets" to work more safely and productively, and by offering more cost-effective ways to manage business functions from security to personnel and asset tracking.

First the seminar agenda introduces the fundamental concepts behind wireless. It describes the basic drivers/benefits for the application of this technology, and summarizes the historical development of wireless telecommunications. This section also compares the fundamental differences between wired and wireless communications, and describes the basic elements of wireless such as radio, antennas, and network topologies. An update on the wireless standards and a glossary of terms/acronyms are also provided.  Finally it introduces the Emerson vision on wireless that encompasses both Field and Plant Networks.

The second section will walk the audience specifically through the Wireless Field Networks. The concept of self-organizing networks is introduced, the role of the 1420 Gateway defined, and the wireless field devices installation and commissioning is described. Then we review in more detail the current status of the wireless standards with a focus on WirelessHART and ISA100. This section ends with a detail discussion on some of the most critical challenges for the wireless technology: power supply, security, and reliability.

In section three we will examine the Wireless Plant Network. We start with an introduction of the relationship established between Emerson and Cisco. Then we describe the network Wi-Fi infrastructure we anticipate, and that will be the enabler for a number of applications including mobile operators, people/asset tracking, process/security video, and voice over wireless LAN. We also address the project and support services component which is key for successful applications. Finally we summarize the benefits that this solution enables.

Interspersed within the two last sections we will include product demonstrations which will illustrate in a practical way all that we have talked about as the day progressed. These product demos will include a description of the demo equipment installed in front of the audience, a basic Field Network composed of a 1420 Gateway and some wireless transmitters, and DeltaV interfacing to those field devices and tightly integrated with AMS. Additionally we show a Plant Network made out of a Cisco Access Point, Tablet PC, IP Phone, and Video Camera.

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