2nd Annual International Conference on "Engaging The Other": The Power of Compassion

An important, timely dialogue.....everyone needs to be part of.

                       An important, timely dialogue
                              .....everyone needs to be part of.


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1) Conference Program Fees
Occurs: Thursday 25th, 7:00 pm to Sunday 28th, 2:00 pm. There are discounts for full time student status, and members of co-sponsoring and supporting organizations.
All discounts are with proof of status at check-in on site.
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REGULAR FULL Conference Registration (Oct. 25-28)
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  3) $ 250  Co-Sponsor Organization Member
  4) $ 150  Full Time Students

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2) Pre-Conference All-Day INSTITUTE Fees (NOTE: This is a separate program from the conference and a separate fee) 
Occurs: Thursday, Oct. 25th, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
    $ 75  REGULAR INSTITUTE Registration
    $ 60
  DISCOUNTED INSTITUTE Registration WITH Conference


3) Meals*:
On-site Conference meals offer invaluable opportunities for networking, additional interactions with presenters, and community building.
Evening Programming also conveniently occurs in the same ballroom immediately after dinner.
A - Conference Community Lunches and Dinners:
(Two diet plans are offered: 1. Poultry and/or fish, and 2. Vegetarian) There are 5 conference meals (prices include all taxes and service charges):
    1) $ 15  Friday Lunch     
    2) $ 28   Friday Dinner      
    3) $ 15  Saturday Lunch 
    4) $ 28  Saturday Dinner  
    5) $ 15  Sunday Lunch  

B - *Breakfast is on your own:
The Dearborn Inn Marriott has an on-site restauraunt for breakfast options.  

  Sponsoring Participants: The ETO Conference is principally funded through registrations. To assist in promoting inclusion, diversity, and accessibility, organizations and groups are encouraged to sponsor representatives and individuals to attend.

  Cancellation Policy: Full refunds are given for cancellations received in writing by September 16, 2007, minus a $75 non-refundable administrative fee. After September 16, 2007 no refunds are possible. You may also assign your registration to someone else at no charge (assignments must be made prior to the conference date in person by phone or in writing directly to Common Bond Institute). Common Bond Institute 12170 S. Pine Ayr Drive, Climax, Michigan 49034 USA Ph/Fax: 269-665-9393 E-mail: SOlweean@aol.com Web site: www.cbiworld.org

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(Discounted hotel room rate of $110 - for single, double, triple, or quad - is guaranteed until 10-4-07. After this date it is at the discretion of the hotel and on an as availabile only basis.)

Conference Description:

The Power of Compassion

An international, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary conference examining concepts of "The OTHER" from a universal, cross-cultural perspective to promote wider public dialogue about images of “Us and Them.”

October 25-28, 2007   Dearborn, Michigan USA

Sponsored by
Common Bond Institute
Co-sponsored by
HARMONY Institute,  International Humanistic Psychology Association, National Resource Center for The Healing of Racism, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and Pathways To Peace Foundation
Supported by a growing international list
of over 85 organizations and universities


ETO Conference URL for Full Details:

We Invite You To:
an extraordinary international conference to address the roots of negative stereotypes, prejudice, and artificial barriers of misunderstanding and distrust that separate us.

more than 60 leading presenters to cultivate our capacity for reconciliation, appreciation of diversity, and peace.

An important, timely dialogue....everyone needs to be part of.

"The most enriching conference experience of my life."
              ....Sen. John Vasconcellos

  Raise the level, depth, and breadth of public dialogue and awareness on core issues.
Explore dimensions and dynamics of "The OTHER" on both individual and group levels, and consider how enemy identity is formed, perpetuated, and manipulated, including fear-based belief systems, negative stereotypes, projection, prejudice, and scapegoating.  
  Identify and compile fundamental questions, dilemmas, and implications for further deep inquiry and examination, and to recognize and challenge embedded negative belief systems that promote dehumanizing, adversarial perceptions of the "The Other."
  Tap our shared wisdom and compassion as a community - from the local to the global - in developing practical applications. Participants are encouraged to develop and share practical recommendations and strategies for applying results to the current state of local and world relationships to promote increased understanding, sensitivity, and compassion as a means of countering and neutralizing hostility, particularly inter-group hostility.
  Formulate findings to make available to all - through publications, recordings, media, local gatherings, etc.
  Promote Networking and Collaboration

An outstanding international gathering of over 60 Presenters with extensive experience in addressing concepts of The Other from diverse perspectives - including psychological, social, cultural, anthropological, historical, spiritual, philosophical, political, and ecological.

Sam Keen, Danny Glover, US Congressman John Conyers,  Maureen O9Hara, James O9Dea, Louise Diamond, Sen. John Vasconcellos, Gay Barfield, Aftab Omer, Imam Hassan Qazwini, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, Rabbi Brian Walt, Geshe Gendun Gyatso, Heaster Wheeler, Reverend Kenneth Flowers, Michael Nagler, Stanley Krippner, Lee Mun Wah, John Boiano, Sharif Abdullah, Ahmad Hijazi, Marilyn Youngbird, Jeffery Mishlove, Debra Koff-Chapman, Ihsan Alkhatib, Brenda Rosenberg, Imad Hamad, Sandra Friedman, Steve Olweean, Mark Mitsui, Libby Traubman, Len Traubman, Judith Thompson, Dizzy Warren, Hemlata Pokharana, Mandakini Pokharna, Lhakpa Dolma, Maggie Herzig, Kate Runyon, Laurie White, Wadad Abed, Irene Butter, Huda Karaman-Rosen, Leonore Gerstein, Osprey Orielle Lake, Anna Rodina, Hana Hasan, Jehan Olweean, Karen Valencic, Osama Siblani, David Crumm, Robert Oppenheimer, Ven. Sangyal Gyatso, Ven. Raten Gyatso, Ven. Palden Gyatso, Najah Bazzy, Jean Marc Randin, Eliza Kim, Nadia Fadel, Chip Baggett, Jim Toy, Dawn Wolfe, Rachel Crandall, Johnny Jenkins, Alicia Villareal, Mukti Khanna. 
Invited: Rep. Dennis Kucinich,
Live Virtual Addresses by:  Hazel Henderson and Pete Seeger 
Over 4 Days Experience:

  Keynote Speakers
  5 Plenary Panels with leading speakers on theory, philosophy, and historical aspects.
  24 Workshops, Lectures, Roundtables, Panels, and dialogues 
  Conference-wide Facilitated Dialogue Groups to engage th econcepts, invite diverse perspectives, and explore practical applications.
  Live E-Conference Addresses by leading visionaries
  Evolving Expressive Arts Interpretation of the conference.
  Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala Ritual.
  Evening Presentations, Social-Cultural events, and Community activities
  Media / Art Exhibits and Displays.
  Extraordinary Global Networking Opportunities.
  Crosscultural Intentional Community. Participants experience the conference program and community as a living learning laboratory, to explore conference themes and create a common ground of reference essential to engaging and integrating formal learning.
  Audio and Video Recorded Proceedings
  On-site Bookstore
  Exhibits  (Table rentals are still available, see: http://www.cbiworld.org/Pages/ETO-OnSiteTableRental-07.pdf 

On-Site Program brochure Ads: Available now for limited time only at: http://www.cbiworld.org/Pages/ETO-OnSiteAdForm-07.pdf

An important, timely dialogue.....everyone needs to be part of.                       

Name Sales End Price Fee
Pre-Conference All-Day INSTITUTE (Select ONLY as separate Institute payment)   Ended $75 $1.88
Pre-Conference All-Day INSTITUTE - WITH Conference Registration (Select ONLY as separate Institute payment)   Ended $60 $1.5
General CONF. Fee Ended $320 $8
Supporting Organization Member CONF. Fee (with proof of status)   Ended $280 $7
Co-Sponsor Member CONF. Fee (with proof of status)   Ended $250 $6.25
Full-Time Student CONF. Fee (with proof of status)   Ended $150 $3.75
Friday 26th - Lunch Ended $15 $0.99
Friday 26th - Dinner Ended $28 $0.99
Saturday 27th - Lunch Ended $15 $0.99
Saturday 27th - Dinner Ended $28 $0.99
Sunday 28th - Lunch Ended $15 $0.99