64 Proven Ways to Apply Wealth Dynamics or your money back!

Do you want to know HOW to apply Wealth Dynamics to your life to Increase Attraction, Flow and Cash Flow?
This is the program to gain INSIGHT into Wealth Dynamics.
The pace is such that there is quality interaction allowing people to ask 'what does Wealth Dynamics mean for me and HOW do I apply it'. 
You will receive an extensive Participants manual and a set of the newly released Wealth Dynamics Profile Cards.

On the first day, the program covers the following:
  • What is Wealth Dynamics and how can it make a difference to your life?.
  • What are the differences between the 8 Profiles, 5 frequencies and how each one creates Wealth?
  • How do I know what my Value is and how do I leverage it?
  • What are the different seasons that someone will progress through?
  • How do I progress through the 6 steps of my Wealth Creation strategy?
  • What are the 6 internal values and which ones do I create my Wealth Strategy around
  • What are the different sources of Power, leadership styles, attention styles?
  • How can I improve my communication with anyone at anytime?
  • What is my best role in a team?
  • What is FLOW, What is LUCK and how you can increase both.
Then, you go home with a set of homework. 
On the second day, you will go through interactive exercises to develop an action plan for: 
Application 1.    Understand Your Strengths
Application 2.    Understand Your Weaknesses
Application 3.    Love Your Self - Acknowledging Your Strengths And Accepting Your Weaknesses
Application 4.    Learn To Work With Other Creators
Application 5.    Learn To Work With Other Stars
Application 6.    Learn To Work With Other Supporters
Application 7.    Learn To Work With Other Deal Makers
Application 8.    Learn To Work With Other Traders
Application 9.    Learn To Work With Other Accumulators
Application 10.    Learn To Work With Other Lords
Application 11.    Learn To Work With Other Mechanics
Application 12.    Customize Your Strategy
Application 13.    Give Up Hard Work
Application 14.    Build Your Inspiring Garden - Attract And Not Chasing After Butterflies
Application 15.    Clarity Is Power
Application 16.    Unlock Your Wealth And Redesign Your Life
Application 17.    Learn To Say No
Application 18.    Start Attracting By Moving Less
Application 19.    Find Your Game And Play Only That Game
Application 20.    Be Clear On Your Value And Broadcast It Clearly And Consistently
Application 21.    Develop Your “I Am Number 1” Script
Application 22.    Find Your Flow
Application 23.    Know The Symptoms Of “Out Of Flow” So That You Can Get Back To Flow Immediately
Application 24.    Find A Partner To Hold You Accountable
Application 25.    Create Your Own Luck
Application 26.    Evaluate Your Current Work And Make Adjustments If Necessary
Application 27.    Evaluate Your Current Team And Make Adjustments If Necessary
Application 28.    Evaluate Your Current Family Relationship And Make Adjustments If Necessary
Application 29.    Evaluate Your Current Life Direction And Make Adjustments If Necessary
Application 30.    Evaluate Your Current Investments And Make Adjustments If Necessary
Application 31.    Spot Critical Moments
Application 32.    Maximize Your Moment Of Wealth Creation By Focusing On Critical Moments And Be In Flow
Application 33.    Shorten Your Learning Cycles
Application 34.    Plan To Fail But Not Sink Your Boat
Application 35.    Learn To Pass Opportunities
Application 36.    Be Certain On Your Path
Application 37.    Persevere, Until ...
Application 38.    Create Momentum
Application 39.    Give Space To Others - Acknowledging Others’ Strengths And Accepting Their Weaknesses
Application 40.    Create Team Flow
Application 41.    Find Your Leadership Style
Application 42.    Re-Select Your Mentors - Stick To The Same Profiles
Application 43.    Choose Your Standards
Application 44.    Hire Your Financial Fitness Coach
Application 45.    Choose Your Playground - Find A Network Or Community That Resonates With You
Application 46.    Find Your Leverage - Who Do You Need?
Application 47.    Who Do You Need To Be In Someone Else’ Network?
Application 48.    Ask Better Questions - Follow The Sequence
Application 49.    Ask The Right Question To The Right People
Application 50.    Plans To Build Your Wealth Foundation: Financial Fitness And Wealth Network
Application 51.    Invest Your Time Wisely By Leveraging The 168 System
Application 52.    Create Ownership Of Your Value
Application 53.    Turn Your Value Into Cash Flow
Application 54.    Success Stories
Application 55.    Commit, De-Commit, Or Re-Commit With Passion And Talents
Application 56.    Build Trust With Your Character
Application 57.    Build Attraction With Your Purpose
Application 58.    Actions, Actions And Actions
Application 59.    Life-Time Practice To Become A Master
Application 60.    Engage In The Most Effective Form Of Learning - Teaching
Application 61.    Leave Your Legacy - Choose How You Make A Difference
Application 62.    Stay In The Flow
Application 63.    Show Up, Step Up, Give Back
Application 64.    Create (Or Tap Into) A Flowing River

You will walk out of this 2-day class looking forward to taking actions.  This course will change your life forever!  
Here are the testimonials from people who have been in this class before: 
"This is a great class and it is for anyone who interested to create more wealth. I received so much value over the weekend especially from learning why other people may think in different ways and how we achieve so much more by letting go and asking better questions.  I really enjoyed the two day experience especially the interaction and discussions with the other classmates.  " 
- Simon Lambon, Hong Kong  
"I wanted to let you know that I thought the program last weekend was truly excellent. It led me to an important insight about my future direction. " 
- Michelle Gabbe, Hong Kong  

"You really brought a lot of insights to me and that I got to see that I spend most of my time doing what I don't enjoy (admin/organizing), and very little time doing what I do enjoy (mass coaching/talking). I also love the focus that you and Roger promote, of concentrating on giving value to others in our businesses and of contributing as a way of life.  Very profound. Thanks again for a superb weekend. You really contributed to me, and everyone in the room"
- Stephen Petith, Hong Kong 

Many more testimonials are available upon request.  

About Les Gordon 
Les GordonLes Gordon has been studying the I-Ching (Book of Changes) for 3 years. He has been on a very active Personal Development path for years, and he says, he could have sped up his learning process had he known about Wealth Dynamics earlier. Now, he is commited to help people understand the power of Wealth Dynamics. Les has applied the Wisdom of this ancient knowledge to create massive Wealth in his life. Yes, he has created Millions of dollars and importantly lives his life following his Passions of World Wide Water - a mission to bring clean water to every person on the planet, and People Development - to share his knowledge and learning to help people lead Extraordinary Lives.

Les is an Investor and Owner of a number of Global companies that support his Passion and Missions.

His purpose is to Connect & Inspire people to live a life of Wealth beyond Measure.
Les also loves to fly and is currently an Airline Captain for a Hong Kong airline whilst utilising his practical understanding of the I-Ching to have businesses working to increase his cashflow whilst he is airborne having fun. He is also an ambassador for the Buy1Give1 Social Enterprise, a Pachamama Alliance Symposium Leader, and helps provide the Gift of Sight to blind people through ORBIS and the John Fawcett Foundation.
"You make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give"...Sir Winston Churchill

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