Epilogue:After Hours Lounge And Breakfast

Epilogue is a one of a kind event entitled for its exclusivity, mystery, and intrigue. It is designed to provide guests with a night of wonder and upscale entertainment on a grander scale! These events are usually held at mansions, on yachts, and upper echelon venues that attract a privileged clientele.

This one of a kind event is celebrating 100 years of gracious, vivacious, tenacious, poised, intellectual, sophisticated, and divine women of The Salmon Pink and Apple Green…

July 19th

1:00 AM- 6:00 AM

Description: An after hours lounge providing its attendees refuge from the DC streets. An atmosphere of dignity, grace, and style, allowing its partakers a cool venue to catch up with friends and colleagues and unwind from the eventful week…


A Breakfast Extravaganza: A Chef and beautiful staff that will cater to you. Belgian Waffles, Omelet stations, Fresh Fruit Medleys, Mimosas, Bellinis, and much much more.



Washington, DC. A private location revealed once tickets are purchased. Features 3 Floors, Flat screen TVs, comfortable seating, Balconies with Views of the Monument and downtown, posh décor and lounge music.

Hosted by: crocodile's tear management, LLC and Buppie.Blogspot.Com


mhn@crocodilestear.com or