Getting Energy Fit: A Modern Movement System

Welcome to Getting Energy Fit!

"Energy Fit Movement" in the Park 
A Modern Movement System incorporating Tai Chi, Chigong, Meditation, Yoga, Energy Arts


Energy Fit Movement, created by Energy Arts Alliance founders, Kain Sanderson and J. Coby Wayne, is a complete, simple and profound path to connect to, align and integrate your mind, body and energy:

- Discover how to be more connected to your body's power 
- Balance your body, vitality, emotions, mind, wisdom and spirituality 
- Quickly identify and access through body movement your hidden positive strengths to express them more fully 
- Quickly identify and correct through body movement unconscious habits that block your life 
- Access more flow, wisdom, creativity and self-awareness 
- Enjoy connecting to the elements of nature around you 
- Feel better about yourself and sculpt your body 
- Meet other progressive people interested in evolving themselves and helping others

Saturday, August 8, 8 - 9 am Central Time, Location: Hermann Park - Meet in front of the new park gift shop across from the zoo entrance and next to the park train station. Call 832-928-8837 if you can't find us.

First visit always free 
$15 per class after your first visit

Kain Sanderson and J. Coby Wayne. Kain is an award-winning tai chi, kung fu and chigong practitioner and instructor who studied with martial arts masters, Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang and M. Del Pe. He brings a unique wisdom to the practice of tai chi and body movement, helping people discover who they really are and new sources of energy and insight to do more, do better, grow and make a bigger difference. J. Coby Wayne is an accomplished yoga, martial arts, meditation, tai chi and chigong practitioner and guide. Both Kain and J. Coby hold advanced certifications in Aquarian Martial Arts, WISEMeditation, Pranic Healing, Inner Powers Healing, Arhatic Yoga and Yoga of Synthesis.



Name Price Fee
First Free Visit Free
Repeat Participant $15 $1.36

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Getting Energy Fit: A Modern Movement System Weekly Event - Every Saturday: 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM (CDT) Hermann Park, Houston TX

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