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Embodiment is a moment of new personification, representation or understanding of a familiar idea or way of being. Emodiment is the way in which we connect our physical and emotional selves for greater understanding and sense of peace and comfort with daily living. So much of life is spent in motion moving from one activity to the next, yet even if it's something supportive like dance, yoga, or sports very often this moment is missed. Through this guided mediation you will be given the opportunity to recapture those moments for a fuller more engaged experience of yourself through Embodied Living. Designed for anyone who is ready to begin or deepen a process of physical and emotional intertwinment for healthier and more vibrant living.

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Meditation is the ultimate aim of yoga. Meditation is the path to happiness. As Patanjali says in his Yoga Sutras (now 4,000 years’ old!): yoga is the settling of ...


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Rivers’ Way provides a bridge to embodied living. Embodied living is where the boundaries between spiritual practice and daily life dissolve.


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We are embodied, that is, we experience everything in life through our body. Our mind and body work together to support us in the daily experiences of living.


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Eventbrite - Embodied Living Meditation - Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at True Living Office, Portland, OR.


Embodied Living

A short 25 mins simple yoga nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra is a practice which leads awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of supreme stillness ...


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Embodied Living Followers. Blog Archive ... Also, part of living in an "embodied experience" is doing meditation. I began doing that again on Thurs night ...


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Embodied Meditation Practices ‘[w]e are somatic creatures, living in bodies, having emotions, bathed by sensations, at times bubbling and simmering, at times ...


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Living with the continuous stresses of balancing career, ... Meditation; Intuitive Energy ... A spiritual path for embodied life and holistic wellbeing.


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Weekly Embodied Meditation classes in Brisbane. A regular opportunity to practice and enjoy the added presence of working in a group. Embodied meditation practices ...


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Embodied Living Podcasts. August 20, 2012 ... Resident Meditation Teacher, ... sign up for the Safely Embodied newsletter to get twice monthly tips and support.