Elbows Off the Table! A Lesson On Table Manners for Kids

Elbows Off the Table! A Lesson On Table Manners for Kids

We are in a day and age when most meals are consumed using fingers, forks and watching television. Kids do not want to hear that the television should be off while they are eating. Which makes teaching proper table manners and etiquette difficult for some parents. However, kids need to learn proper etiquette to avoid embarrassing themselves and possibly the parent too.


It's time to let our children know things they used to do when they were younger are no longer funny as they get older.  What we once thought was funny can now easily be viewed as rude or bad table manners. If you do not teach your kids how to act appropriately at social occassions, then they may never learn how to act.  This will make them less confident in themselves and feel out of place.


 In this class your kids will learn:

  • Why elbows are not allowed on the table
  • How to properly set a table
  • How to properly eat and use their utensils
  • How to properly eat and cut meat
  • Which water glass belongs to them
  • and much much more!

Sign your kids up today for a lesson on table manners they won't want to miss!  Kids of all ages welcome!


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