Karma Without Stress Seminar

Register Now ~ Seating is limited. For an exciting opportunity to study with a international author, consulant and scholar who has been recognized on both television and radio.

Karma Without Stress is a unique workshop that will teach you how to reduce stress and fatigue while helping to improve your equilibrium on all levels.

In the Karma Without Stress workshop you will learn to remove mental blocks, overcome procrastination, identify the root cause of problems and permit the body to avail itself to natural healing.

You will learn to establish new goals and ELIMINATE negativity!

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Eventbrite - 'Karma Without Stress' Seminar - Saturday, May 30, 2009 at The Franklin Hotel, Chapel Hill, NC. Find event and ticket information.


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Schedules are subject to change without ... KARMA and REINCARNATION seminar will enable ... In this highly informative seminar presented by the Jaime T. Licauco, ...


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Seminar on the universal law of cause and effect: Karma ...

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In my seminars, I have taught many students around the world how to heal themselves through visualization or mind power alone, or how to energize quartz crystals or water and remove headaches and migraines, without ... how we react to stress, how we ...

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The devotees see Amma as a ‘divine stage manager’ who takes care of their well-being and safety, while liberating them from their bad karma accumulated from indulging ... There is something for everyone, without anything fixed for everyone.

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But one day you may get through a family crisis without falling apart ... Every Thursday, 6:45 – 8 am. Nathan Mayhew Seminars, Fanny Blair Hall, Greenwood Ave. and North William St., Vineyard Haven. 508-696-9479 …

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It was under his guidance an “International Seminar on ... did not speak about Karma as an ever-binding entity but a chain which can be cut and removed with proper tools. It is indeed Buddhist way to liberation: to act but without greed for success ...

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Karma ... and Life Without Faith.” (904) 276-3739 or bbuuc.org. Unity Church for Creative Living, 2777 Race Track Road, 10:30 a.m., service with Nellie Lauth on The “I AM Principle and the Holy Spirit.” (904) 287-1505 or unityinjax.com. Jacksonville ...

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When executed correctly, a short sale can leave everyone better off: the homeowner walks away with his credit largely intact; the bank salvages part of a nonperforming loan without the headache ... he told Prescott. The seminar was convincing enough ...

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Samani Mudit treads lightly without shoes to ... as well as stress and anger management. Because Jain philosophy has relevance for people from all backgrounds, the nuns of the temple host conferences, seminars and workshops at colleges and universities ...

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