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Turning an idea into a viable business, or taking an existing business to the next level, can be a daunting process.

That's why Dr. Dan Nathanson, a seasoned entrepreneur and a professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, is offering a series of seminars and events that will arm entrepreneurs and business owners with the skills necessary to take their businesses to the next level. His company, The Entrepreneurs Institute, will be kicking off a Business Development Seminar and Workshop series starting in July, 2009.
As a special preview, Dr. Nathanson will be holding a complimentary event,
Surviving the Recession and Scaling Your Business: The Essential Elements for Success, at UCLA Anderson on Thursday, June 18th. You're invited to attend. He will discuss the most important elements in building a successful business.  

Whether you just have an idea, are attempting to scale your business, or are seeking capital, this talk will provide you with valuable insights that you can apply directly to your entrepreneurial endeavor.   
Introducing EI’s Business Development Seminar & Workshop Series

EI's Business Development Seminar and Workshop Series is a comprehensive program for small business owners seeking to grow their businesses, develop or improve their business models, position their companies to attract capital or create a roadmap for the future.
Beginning this June, EI will offer this 15-week course to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools needed to grow their businesses successfully. This hands-on, experiential learning program guides participants through the business plan development process, focusing on a key component each week.

Course Structure
3 hour weekly meetings to facilitate your venture's progress
provide support and direction needed for entrepreneurs to be successful

Each EI program features four key elements and provides a structured approach to the business development process. 

  • Seminars: To provide key concepts, ideas and “how-tos” in a structured, organized and meaningful way
  • Workshops: To insure that the concepts are understood and properly applied by participants
  • Roundtables: To help entrepreneurs deal with strategic and pressing issues, to provide a sounding board, to provide feedback and to insure accountability
  • Small Group “Executive Committees” or One on One Sessions: To provide an in-depth level of guidance and support

This course format provides you with exactly what you need to develop a business plan and road map for your business:

  • Practical, applied and timely topics designed to help you learn the essentials of growing your business
  • Address key business functions subject-by-subject as participants develop, refine and present their business plans
  • Includes guest speakers and facilitated networking events. 

Business Development:  Course Details

Start Da
te, 2009
Location: UCLA Anderson School of Management

Price: $1,995 for 45+ hours of instruction

Who Should Attend
Entrepreneurs and business owners who:
Seek to grow their businesses
Are starting a business, entering a new market, creating or refining a new business model
Need to change direction of an existing business
Need a business plan to raise capital or to have a roadmap for growth

What Can You Expect?
Valuable feedback and networking
Knowledgeable seminar leaders, guest speakers
A disciplined, proven hands-on approach to learning and completing a business plan
A training program that will directly impact profitability and business longevity
Hands-on assistance, one-on-one consultations, objective critiques from experienced counselors entrepreneurs, business experts and peers
Expert-led workshops that focus on your immediate pressing issues and topics such as cash flow, market penetration, legal structures, management team, and exit strategies

About the Founder
Dr. Da
n Nathanson is an entrepreneurial executive, investor, consultant and educator. He has a 25-year record of success in building businesses, creating financial value and helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Dr. Nathanson is currently a visiting professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he teaches Small Business Management, Venture Initiation and Business Plan Development. 


Visit our website at www.entrepreneursinstitute.com

Or email us at membership@entrepreneursintsitute.com


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