Edison and Ford Winter Estates - 20 acres of beautiful exotic gardens and 9 buildings on the national historical register. Tour through this life size time capsule and see their laboratories, inventions and research. Click for more details! On Sale Soon.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is comprised of about 20 acres of beautiful exotic gardens and 9 buildings on the national historical register. Tour through this life size time capsule and see their homes, laboratories, inventions and research.

When you visit the Edison and Ford winter homes, you enter a world unlike any you have ever seen. The furnishings and architecture of these gracious, rambling buildings are reminiscent of a bygone era; yet there are many innovations which we do not have in the most modern of homes. The Ford porch, Adjacent to the vintage automobile garage, offers a spectacular riverfront view of the Caloosahatchee. Edison’s tropical botanical garden, one of the most complete in America, contains more that one-thousand varieties of plants imported from all over the world, including African sausage trees and a Banyan tree from Calcutta, India that is approximately 400 feet. The Banyan tree was a gift from Harvey Firestone in 1925. Originally, this was an experimental garden. Edison was interested in the various products and by-products of the plants, which he used in many of his scientific investigations. Later, Mrs. Edison enhanced the garden with many beautiful plants, including roses, orchids and bromeliads. The chemical laboratory is one of the most absorbing features of the Edison Estate. Here, workers helped Edison in his research on goldenrod as a source of natural rubber. Throughout the laboratory, where Edison conducted his last major experiments, all of his things are just as they were in his lifetime, including his "cat-nap" cot. Because of his deafness, Edison's sleep was undisturbed and relaxed him so much that 15 minute sleep to him was as good as is several hours to anyone else.

The Shell Factory

The Shell Factory has the largest collection of common and rare seashells, sponges, coral, fossils and sea life specimens in the world, it also sells sea and nautical-inspired lamps and night-lights, as well as gold jewelry. You can pick your own pearl & have it mounted in one of many styles of bands. Also sold at the Shell Factory are inlaid seashell toilet seats, accent pieces such as wood and ceramic sculptures, folk art birds, drift wood, hand-painted tables, wall hangings and a wide variety of mirrors, palm tree wine glasses, books and maps, cards and stationery, nautical-motif gifts and accent pieces, candles, magnets and key chains. There are also decorations for every holiday imaginable, including a large Christmas store. The Shell Factory has a newly renovated Nature Park, which features a Petting Zoo, Environmental Education Center and a Botanical Trail and Garden. The primary focus is to provide an opportunity for the general public to experience and learn about different plants and wildlife found within the various ecosystems throughout the world. Special emphasis has been placed on those ecosystems unique to Florida.

There are also 2 restaurants at the Shell Factory where you can treat yourself to something great off of their amazing menu.

(Lunch not included)

 Activity Scale: 4


1. Very little walking (less than 30 minutes)

2. Moderate walking (30 minutes -1 hour)

3. Comfortable walk (1-3 hours)

4. Active walking and activities (3-5 hours)

5. Lots of walking and/or challanging activities)


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Day Tour Includes:

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8:30 AM
(Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to check in)
Approximately 10 hours.

Hosted tour with Bill Murphy, transportation, onboard refreshments and admission to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates and The Shell Factory.

In the large parking area directly in front of BJ's Restaurant at Park Side Mall, 3800 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park, FL 33781. (Crossroads: southwest corner of US 19 and Park Blvd./Gandy) Don't worry you'll see the bus.

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