EDA of British Columbia Webinar- The Role of Social Media in Economic Development

"Social media, in its broadest context, is becoming an absolute must-have set of tools for the economic development practitioner" 

So much of what economic developers do is about communication.  We communicate through traditional media like e-mail, handouts, mailers and promotional items.  We communicate through our websites and we communicate face to face.

So along comes social media tools.  Many of us have "stuck our toe in" and have LinkedIn pages, Facebook pages, we might have RSS feeds on our website, and we might even be twittering (or tweeting, depending on your orientation).

But how do we will really make effective use of these tools to advance our core strategies?

This webinar is designed to fully explore this key question and promises to deliver focused, practical and immediately implementable ideas, suggestions and examples of how economic developers can build a strong social media strategy.

Some of the questions which will be answered in this webinar include;

  • How did we get here?  Web 2.0 and social media concepts
  • Who's doing it well?  Prime examples of economic developers using social media
  • How I get started?  And if I've already started how can I adjust my use of social media to be most effective?
  • How do we measure this stuff anyway?  And how much time should I spend on it?
  • Which tools are best for which applications?
  • What is the key triumvirate of social media tools?

Mark J. James, CEcD of ED Solutions, Inc. and Ben Wright of Atlas Advertising, LLC will team up once again to present this webinar.  Their past webinars for the IEDC set attendance records.  As economic developers, they approach training from a practitioner's point of view and they hold the highest regard for delivering quality webinar sessions.  And having worked projects all over the US and elsewhere, they're well-versed in what's working and what isn't.

So stop tweeting for a minute and sign up today! 

This webinar is being put on as a part of the Professional Learning Laboratory,a joint venture of dedicated professional trainers in economic development committed to the delivery of quality instruction, no commercial messages and the use of best available technologies.

Name Sales End Price
Economic Development Webinars- The Role of Social Media in Economic Development   Ended $89
Economic Development Webinar-Group Sales- 2-5 participants   Ended $175
Economic Development Webinar-Group Sales- 6 or more   Ended $250