2 Empowering Classes: Create Positive Habits (am) & Powerful Communication (pm), Sun, Jun 14th



4C a New Future - 4C a New Reality - 4C a New You  

The 4-Cite™ Method – This course is installed directly into your nervous system !

When/Where: Sunday, June 14th at

Location: Meta Center,  214 West 29th St., 16th flr,  New York, NY 10001

Pre-Pay $69/course -- $99 for both courses

@Door $89/course -- $169 for both courses

Pay for 2 Tickets; Get a 3rd Ticket Free

Recession Pricing - 2 classes for the cost of 1 if you show us an unemployment check

or some other verification you are unemployed

Class hours are automatically credited toward our certification programs

1) 10:00am – 1:00pm      Create Positive Habits and Become a New You!

2) 2:00pm – 6:00pm      Powerful Communication! Powerful Rapport!  Powerful Sales!

Imagine yourself after this course:
•    EMPOWERING your life with positive beliefs and behaviors
•    Seeing and feeling stress rolling off your back as you SMILE CONFIDENTLY
•    Negotiating with POWER and confidence
•    Easily connecting with colleagues, clients and managers with INSTANT RAPPORT
•    Snapping into powerful states of mind when negotiating and dealing with others
•    Creating amazing 1st impressions with your MAGNETIC PERSONALITY

1)  10am – 1pm     Create Positive Habits and Become a New You!

•    How you use your brain’s ‘Google’ search for POSTIVE CHANGE
•    How we create beliefs in our mind, how we hold them, and how to change them
•    That the myths that we CREATE about ourselves, and that others create, affect what we believe is possible for us
•    How memories and events in the past affect our “palette of possibilities” and how we can add the colors, sounds and textures to ENHANCE our life EXPERIENCES
•    To reflect your highest values and CONNECT MORE FULLY with yourself and others
•    How to SURPRISE and DELIGHT yourself when you realize how talented you are, and how delightful change can be

2) 2pm – 6pm      Powerful Communication! Powerful  Sales!


•    The person who STEPs INTO a room and connects with people
•    CONFIDENT and CALM when relating to new people
•    CLEAR and POWERFUL when you are explaining your point of view, benefits of a new strategy or product, or why you are PERFECT for that job
•    The one who creates and instant connection to clients as if you have always known each other to enjoy a WARM COMFORTABLE feeling when conversing
•    That person who generates PASSION and INTEREST one on one or with crowds
•    Able to manage your internal state of MIND to allow for free flowing exchanges and UNDERSTANDING

 click here for VIDEO COMMENTARY from recent graduates

- Become More Magnificent!  Live Life At Your Best! -

Learn to Change Quickly and Easily

We, humans are incredible self-correcting machines.  Most of our learning occurs incrementally, making mistakes and improving. We learned to walk, ride a bike, a car, our job step by step over time.  And while we are most comfortable learning at slower speeds, life often throws us curves faster then we like. When it does, learn how you can handle those challenges quickly, simply, effectively and powerfully with 4-Cite Training!

Explore how subtle shifts in internal pictures, messages, sensation and emotion can offer you new ways for to act, to be present in the world.  In our classes you develop new beliefs, new behaviors, new habits, new ways of being, to get the results you want.  

Life and your years of experience have taught you incredible skills, some skills you might not even know you have or skills you’ve compartmentalized to only one part of your life.  We release some of those hidden talents.  Moments and times, where you are capable, confident, organized, efficient, communicative and we explore where else you might apply them.  

In the past, you might have struggled, frustrated, knowing that you could do more! Why reinvent the wheel, when you’ve already got these phenomenal abilities?  When you’ve got natural, powerful ways of doing things. Surpirse and delight yourself when you realize how talented you are, and how delightful the change can be.

Powerful Communications Leads to a Powerful You!

When you try to get someone’s attention, you are competing against hundreds of other things that may look or feel more important than you, in that moment of time.  Learn to get the attention you deserve and more.

Some people are natural communicators and sales people.  They seem to know how to easily influence and persuade. Although, it might look effortless, it really is a set of skills that they have been honing their whole life.  And those skills can be duplicated by YOU!

Learn to understand how other people think. Learn to elicit their values and beliefs, so you are working together.  Start to offer your ideas in ways that are more readily absorbed by each individual, that create agreements and relationships that benefit all parties.  Learn how to verbally and non-verbally communicate so you create amazing rapport.  

4C a New Future!  4C a New Reality!  4C a New You!
    On a larger scale, we ask the questions, What Are Like At Your Best? What are the beliefs, values, you hold?  Where do you feel that in your body?  How do your hold yourself?  How do you move when you are at your best?  What do you see?  What do you hear?

We teach you how to access this state, more easily, more effortlessly, and more often.  So you become More Magnificent!  Isn’t life more joyous, and more enjoyable when you are in this state more often?
Our workshops are designed to teach you simple practical powerful skills.  And like any skill, the more you practice the better you will get.  We’ll make the learning process fun and easy, and you will find your skills building quickly.

Over time, you will find your new skills quietly integrating into your life, becoming more and more useful and a natural part of who you are.  NLP is designed to teach how to influence in subtle ways.


 click here for VIDEO COMMENTARY from recent graduates

ABOUT Joel Elfman
Joel Elfman is a Transformational Trainerwith over 10 years of experience working with hypnosis, NLP and numerous other modalities to change limitations and create empowering beliefs and habits, and to bringing back you into exquisite communication with yourself and the world around you.

Joel was trained and certified in Advanced Hypnosis and as a Master Practitioner with Anne Linden.  And certified as a NLP Trainer and Coach with John Overdurf.  

He has also studied hypnosis and NLP with such luminaries as Robert Dilts, Jonathan Altfeld, Doug O’Brien, Dave Dobson, Kevin Creedon, Melissa Tiers, George Bien, Frank Farrelly, and Mark Schwimmer.   Joel is the Organizer for largest, world-wide NLP-Hypnosis group on Meetup.com and has been running the group’s bi-weekly practice for several years.

Joel is also a licensed NY State and nationally certified Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master.   And he continues to expand his approaches to understanding and assisting his clients by exploring an array of somatic, alternative and holistic approaches.

Joel can be reached at (917)-834-5554 or via email at
or visit Joel at www.google.com/profiles/joel.elfman

ABOUT Gene Hirschel  

Gene Hirschel is the founder of Dynamic Resources. He practices Vital Trance healing and life transformation in the New York City area in the US.
Gene has over 20 years of NLP experience. He was trained and certified in Hypnosis at Tiers school of Hypnosis, as a Master NLP Practitioner the Richard Bandler and in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy through Doug O'Brian at the Center for NLP and Hypnosis. He studied Somatic Healing at the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis with the founder David Quigley. He has also studied with Kevin Creedon, George Bien and Frank Farrelly. He is certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, as well as by the National Guild of Hypnotists. He has special advanced training in Time-Line Therapy and Generative NLP, and has created Vital Trance therapy Method. Gene has also obtained training in Emotional Freedom Technique.

Gene can be reached via email gene@vtrance.com or 1.888.963.7245
Please also visit

Hypnosis/NLP - EFT - Personal Coaching – and the powerful transformational Vital Trance Method™

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