Dymaxion Hour: Portland

dymaxion  n. adj.
a term coined by Buckminster Fuller meaning the maximum output for minimum investment of materials, energy and time.

At this moment in time resources may appear to be limited, but our collective knowledge could not be more abundant.  As leaders of the organizations that have supported Cascadia over the years, we invite you to a forum for strengthening your connections to a network that will only become more vibrant, capable, and transformative.

Part social, part business, and of course part fun, the dymaxion hour is intended to help you drive the most change with the least energy through sharing information, all in one hour of your time.

This event was inspired both by your feedback as well as the realization that we're at a critical juncture with respect to our environment and economy.  We need to stay even better connected, aligned, informed, and active.

Please join us for a reception and briefing on

Climate Policy in Oregon - What it Means for Green Building
Dave Van't Hof, Governor's Office
Clark Brockman,
Andrea Durbin, Oregon Environmental Council

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