July 10 Double Your Income? Start Now on 100 Days to Abundance for $1 a Day

At Team NImbus, we believe those small businesses that band together and work together can do well and even grow in tough times.

The Team Nimbus Committment

That said, I'm ready to do my part. Team Nimbus is offering a special program for those business owners and sales professionals who feel the same way.  We've distilled our experience, strategies and tactics for a special group of 20 Small Business Owners and Independent Sales Professionals who are

  • Determined to grow their business in 2009
  • Willing to do what it takes
  • Want the focus, accountability and know-how to double their business


Take the Challenge to Double Your Income (or Profits, or Prospects) in the First Quarter!

Now that would be abundance!


Lorette Pruden, Regional Owner, Team Nimbus NJ, 908-359-4787, lpruden@teamnimbus.com


 100 Days to Abundance (for $1 a Day)


In 100 Days you will:

  • Calculate how many prospects you really need to meet with
  • Discover an unlimited supply of prospects
  • Turn more prospects into clients
  • Create powerful referral systems
  • Identify strategic and referral partners to help you grow your business
  • Increase your business from existing clients 
  • Produce more results than you thought possible

100 Days to Abundance is a Special Program that makes the best of Team Nimbus's proven concepts, strategies and approaches available to you and your business.
100 Days to Abundance (for $1 a Day) is designed for 20 Business Owners/Sales Professionals who are determined to grow their businesses significantly, no matter what!
100 Days to Abundance will bring focus, know-how and accountability to 20 determined Business Owners/Sales Professionals. 

Starts June 2.  Three 1.5 hour sessions per month through August, plus bonus sessions.

We have room for only 20 Business Owners/Sales Professionals in this program.  Don’t give up your seat!


Name Sales End Price Fee
Guests plus Rainmaker, Biz Builders and Owners Circle Clients Ended Free
Enroll in Abundance Ended $100 $2.5

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