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Double your Dollars


Master your Mind, Money, Health or Relationships

Join world renound speaker and best selling author Matthew Brauning at the incredible Double Your Dollars event!!

Come play with Matthew Brauning in the mind blowing Double Your Dollars seminar! You will learn the secrets behind generating unlimited wealth and abundance! As well as installing the patterns of great success at the subconscious level.


• Solving inner conflicts permanently
• Feeling 100% motivated in the direction you want to go
• Letting go of old negative emotions
• Creating a future of your design
• Enjoying life at a level 10 every day!

General Information

Have you noticed that money isn't flowing as easily as it used to flow? Do you want to grow or at least maintain your lifestyle? Are the results getting harder to produce? Are you feeling the money crunch today?

If you said YES to most of all of these questions, that means Double Your Dollars is for you! By now, you may know that people can make or lose money in any market, and what I share at this weekend will change your financial blueprint forever.

During thisDouble Your Dollars weekend, you will integrate the leadership techniques of the world’s most successful individuals to achieve spectacular results. With cutting-edge technologies, we are as close as we’ve ever come to actually being able to “download the software of the mind” just like plugging into “The Matrix.”

Perhaps you are like other people, in that you have made concerted efforts to change certain aspects of your life, but time and time again you find yourself falling back into old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. Maybe you have had the intention of taking charge of your finances, or your physical health. Maybe you have wanted to create a fulfilling relationship, create the lifestyle you desire, or to get ahead in your career. Yet something is holding you back.

Finally there is a way to create rapid and long-lasting change in any area of your life and to consciously take charge of your financial destiny. Double Your Dollars is a 3 day weekend that takes a quantum leap forward in the realization of the creation of money and the limited beliefs we have toward it that may be stopping us in achieving the results we want and deserve.

Imagine how different your life could be if you knew exactly what yourlife purpose was, and had mastery of all the tools you needed to make it happen?

You will not have to ask yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” and “What path can I take to get there?” Instead, you will finally know what it is you were destined to achieve in this lifetime and naturally commit to that path.


“Neuro Linguistic Programming is the most powerful tool for change that exists today.” — Psychology Today

"Superb! I have taken a number of different personal growth and transformational seminars and workshops, and I was in total awe and astonishment at how incredibly powerful the program was. There are no other processes that can catalyze profound shifts in such a short and effortless manner. Don’t miss this program if you want to go to the next level of your life."
Denise C. Santa Clara, CA

“Matt is making people expand their minds, have huge success, and get rich. If he isn’t stopped he is going to create millionaires out of all of us!”

—Eric L., Entrepreneur

Matt is an excellent trainer. He's enthusiastic, fun, playful, energetic and helps the class move easily. I learned a lot and hypnosis is easy to do now! He really knows what he teaches. It was inspiring. Thank you!!

-Sarah Flynn

Irvine, California

"I was able to almost triple my income in just 30 days as a result of working with Matt Brauing. Not only did the work we did together impact my financial future, but he assisted me in finding my life's purpose. I am more on track and excited about life then ever before."

— Mel Kotlyar

HB, California

"Just using one technique I learned from Double Your Dollars, I now regularly make an extra $1,000 - $2,000 a day more than I would if I didn't use the technique. I made an extra $8,000 yesterday because of it!
- Shaun Enright
Melbourne, Australia

"This experience has been so much fun! Matt Brauning is a great speaker, I was very impressed, but not surprised. I only wish I could have brought people with me. Next time!"

- Janis Foley
San Diego, CA

"Before Double Your Dollars, I was so shy I wouldn't approach women. After the seminar I walked right up to 5 different attractive girls and even asked one to take me out that night! I never would have done that before."

- Will
Adelaide, Australia

"Matt, thank you for an exceptionally interesting weekend of training. I don't remember ever being bored or lost, instead I always enjoyed listening. That's unusual when listening to a teacher for an entire weekend!"

- Claire Bahr

"Matt is an awesome trainer, full of energy and enthusiasm that is contagious!
This course was comprehensive and affordable. I feel inspired."

- Steven
Nashville, TN


Date:                Time:

Friday            5:00pm registration

                      Class 6pm-10pm

Saturday        10am-7pm

Sunday          10am-7pm


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$1295 Double Your Dollars Weekend Training   Ended $1295 $9.95

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