Announcement List: Make the Most of Data View Web Parts

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Here's a quick peek at how you might use a data view web part to access web services in SharePoint, displaying a list of all the lists and libraries in your site.



Testimonials from previous participants in our live, online workshops

I signed up on my own dime, but once the boss saw the results he offered to reimburse me. Now there’s a testimony to the value! -- Joyce

Absolutely worth every penny! Every web part provided solves a problem for my SharePoint users and I am already getting kudos for fixing them a mere two hours after the workshop ended. -- Jill

This workshop was excellent. I would recommend this workshop to any SharePoint professional looking to enhance their users experince working in SharePoint. -- Rich

The Hands-on, sandbox approach is what makes these sessions standout from any other on-line training. That is, when you have completed the 60 or 90 minutes, you KNOW how to apply what you learned, because you have already done it. -- Wanda

This was really a fun workshop! was easy to just drag and drop all the nicely built web part right onto your page. -- Shannon

The solutions are fantastic and most, most appreciated. Mark and Paul provided the workshop in a clear, easy to follow manner and answered all questions as they were brought up. -- Joan

My favorite web part from the session was the Preview Pane - I think it is fantastic how this can be used to show item details from both lists and library exposed on a page - that’s really powerful, and so easy to just drop on the page and watch the majic unfold. -- Carolyn

This event exceeded all my expectations.  I learned so much and left with some very valuable tools that will be used in many of the sites that I manage. -- Peter (read a comprehesive review)

The workshop exceeded all my expectations. -- Barry

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Announcement List: Make the Most of Data View Web Parts   Free