Adobe Flash Professional



This training covers the industry's most advanced authoring environment for creating interactive web sites. You will dramatically expand your knowledge of Flash and its extensive capabilities. Gain a comprehensive look at the most useful tools and features of Flash Professional.

You will learn tips for how to create better designs and author interactive content rich with video, graphics, and animation.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Flash enabled Web-browser (e.g. IE 8, IE 7, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome)
  2. Valid copy of software (licensed copy or demo version)
  3. Minimum screen resolution : 1024 x 768
  4. Dual monitors (optional)

Course Description

A website can be made to look more inviting with interactive graphics and animations. The tools present in Adobe® Flash® CS4 can be used to create and manipulate a wide variety of objects ranging from a simple graphic design to a complex animation sequence. In this course, you will familiarize yourself with the basic tools and features of Flash CS4, and gain the skills necessary for creating basic animations.

Course Objective: You will create and manipulate a wide variety of objects ranging from simple graphic designs to complex animation sequences using the Adobe® Flash® CS4 application.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Exploring the Adobe® Flash® CS4 Environment
Topic 1A: Define Flash
Topic 1B: Explore the Flash CS4 Welcome Screen
Topic 1C: Explore the Flash CS4 Interface
Topic 1D: Explore and Customize the Panels in Flash CS4

Lesson 2: Working with Drawing and Painting Tools
Topic 2A: Compare the Drawing Modes of Flash
Topic 2B: Use Drawing and Painting Tools
Topic 2C: Use the Pen Tool

Lesson 3: Manipulating Objects
Topic 3A: Use the Selection Tools
Topic 3B: Overview of Layers
Topic 3C: Work with Interacting Objects
Topic 3D: Transform Objects

Lesson 4: Understanding Vector and Bitmap Images
Topic 4A: Vector Images and Bitmap Images
Topic 4B: Work with Bitmap Images

Lesson 5: Working with Text
Topic 5A: Overview of Text Fields and Attributes
Topic 5B: Create Text Fields
Topic 5C: Convert Text into Shapes

Lesson 6: Working with Symbols and Instances
Topic 6A: Create a Symbol
Topic 6B: Create a Symbol Instance

Lesson 7: Using Animation Basics to Create Animations
Topic 7A: Create Animations with Frames and Keyframes
Topic 7B: Work with Frames
Topic 7C: Create a Motion Tween Animation
Topic 7D: Create a Shape Tween Animation

Lesson 8: Working with Multiple Layers
Topic 8A: Work with Multiple Layers
Topic 8B: Create a Mask Layer

Lesson 9: Using ActionScript™
Topic 9A: Basics of ActionScript
Topic 9B: ActionScript Elements


Lesson 10: Planning a Flash Project
Topic 1A: Understand a Workflow
Topic 1B: Translate Workflow Plans to Flash


Lesson 11: Designing a Project
Topic 2A: Initiate a Project
Topic 2B: Create Design Patterns


Lesson 12: Managing Symbols
Topic 3A: Use Movie Clips
Topic 3B: Organize Movie Assets
Topic 3C: Use Buttons


Lesson 13: Creating Advanced Animations
Topic 4A: Work with Inverse Kinematics
Topic 4B: Add Motion to Animations
Topic 4C: Apply 3-D Transformation to an Object
Topic 4D: Apply Effects to an Object


Lesson 14: Adding Audio to a Movie
Topic 5A: Import Audio
Topic 5B: Control Audio


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