Eight Week Teleseminar - "Balance, Happiness, and Peace!"


Are you ready to relieve the “emotional” pain in your life?

Have you ever asked yourself:  How can I be happy?  How can I live with more joy and peace?  How can I overcome fear to become more fully who I AM?  If so, then consider joining Dr. Z's Balance, Happiness, and Peace Teleseminar Program.




1. Live with more balance, happiness, and peace

2. Move from fear to faith and action

3. Move from worry to hope

4. Breakthrough old self-destructive patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have "crippled" you for a lifetime.

5. Create your competitive edge to increase your income

6. Improve relationships at home and work

7. Feel better and good about you!


Living with more balance, happiness, and peace requires self-leadership and self-responsibility.  This 8-week teleseminar program is designed to help you lead yourself to greater levels of Freedom & Power.  .  Teleseminars for members will be held every Thursday from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Starting date to be determined.  The following schedule of teleseminars and topics is listed below:



The Fundamentals of Believing

One of the biggest obstacles to success is lack of belief.  This teleseminar will explain the three fundamental elements of belief systems.  Learn how belief impacts one’s attitudes and behaviors.  Members will be able to identify patterns of belief that help or hinder their own success.  Techniques will be learned for shifting beliefs to support desired results.  Benefits:  Increase self-confidence; attract positive opportunities through positive attitudes.



Anchor Your Life in Values

Values are the foundation of life.  They are principles to guide your life.  Members will identify their own individual values that support their life.  Discussion will include how to support values through concrete behaviors.  Benefits:  Better decision making and problem solving skills; peace of mind.



Envision Your Future

The most important question for you to answer is:  Who am I?  Through self-discovery you will create the vision of your future based on your strengths and passion.  You’ve got to “see” it and believe it, to achieve it.  People perish for lack of vision.  Through a structured exercise, you will learn how to ignite your dream and passion.  Benefits:  Live with more positive energy; self-motivation to succeed everyday; earn more money.



Define Your Life Mission

Each person has certain talents and gifts designed to support a life mission.  Do you know what your life mission is?  You will identify your talents and create a life mission statement based on your unique strengths.  Therafter, you can focus on achieving your mission.  Benefits:



What is Your Purpose?

What would your life be like if you lived it on-purpose?  You were conceived in love and born with a purpose.  Do you remember or have you forgotten your purpose?  In this session, you will learn how to look within and rediscover your purpose.  You’ll begin to experience the joy that comes only from living your life on purpose and in service.




 Assess to Progress 

Through use of an online individual assessment you will learn about your thinking patterns that drive your behavior (an additional fee may be required).  You’ll discover the gap between “where you are” and “where you want to be” in various areas of your life.  This assessment will identify specific patterns that are helping and hindering your success.  This experience will be the “bridge” to defining, planning, and achieving goals to fulfill your purpose, mission and vision.



Goals Achievement System

You will learn a proven system for achieving goals in all life areas:  spiritual, mental, physical, financial, career, family and community.  The plans will be supported by “positive self-motivation” to succeed.  You’ll build momentum as you take consistent action towards your goals.  You’ll experience a new sense of accomplishment and peace.



Annual Goals Review

You’ll review your progress throughout the year and create an annual plan for 2010 - 2011.  Your written plan will include both personal and professional goals.  You’ll have a clear direction for the year and “jump start” your success.




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Eight Week Teleseminar - "Balance, Happiness, and Peace!"

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