Dressing for Pleasure - An evening of short films by John Samson

A night of 5 short films:

Tattoo (1976 John Samson)
A 20-minute documentary film based on the art of tattooing, the tattoo artists and their clients9 with interviews on the fascination for and the reasons behind choosing to be tattooed. Won 9Outstanding Film Award9 at the National Film Festival

Dressing for Pleasure (1977 John Samson)
A 20-minute documentary film on the subject of fetishism in clothing: rubber, latex, leather, etc. The film features Malcolm Mclaren, Jordan and many others. Again, using revealing interviews on the motivation behind the protagonists9 choices.

Britannia (1979 John Samson)
A 20-minute documentary film on the subject of the Railway Preservation Society, and its members9 work in Bridgend in Wales. Again, interviews reveal the motivation behind the commitment of the members. Independently sponsored; bought by the BBC.

Arrows (1983 John Samson)
A 20-minute documentary film about Erie Bristow and the enclosed world of competitive darts. Made for David Puttnam, 9Arrows9 was shown in cinemas as an accompanying short.

Skinhorse (1985 John Samson)
A 50-minute documentary film made with Nigel Evans on the subject of sex and disability. The film, with actor Nabil Shaban, featured 9Tuppy Owens9 Outsider Club9 a club where disabled people could meet sexual partners.

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