10 Common Assumptions Entrepreneurs Make That Kill Their Ventures: De-Risking Your Ideas and Increasing Your Chances of Success

Steve Barsh, a partner in DreamIt Ventures in Philadelphia, will be giving a very fast-paced, information-packed talk at IDC on 30 December.  Steve will speak about the very common mistakes he sees many entrepreneurs make regarding assumptions in their business models, not realizing they are making assumptions, how those assumptions are often deadly, and most importantly, how to de-risk those assumptions in a very quick and capital-efficient manner.

If you are building out a business plan for a new venture, expanding an existing company, creating a new product, or meeting with VC investors to pitch for funding, this will be a presentation you won’t want to miss.

As well, Steve will be speaking briefly about DreamIt Ventures.  DreamIt will once again be providing 12 teams with up to $30,000 in funding and will have the companies relocate for June – August 2009 to Philadelphia.  During the 3 month program the teams will receive the DreamIt funding as well as: an experienced 1 on 1 mentor; office space with furniture and Internet connectivity; legal and accounting services from some of the best firms in Philadelphia; a weekly speaker series where expert speakers cover tricks and traps in marketing, technology, product development, software architecture, venture capital, etc.; and all of the software that Microsoft offers.

Steve’s talk will last for approximately 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A.

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in high tech businesses for over 20 years.  As well, Steve teaches part time in the Wharton MBA program, is a partner in DreamIt Ventures, and provides high-impact consulting and advisory work to help CEO’s build and expand great companies.  To learn more about Steve click here.  To learn more about DreamIt Ventures, click here.

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