Leadership for Sustainability :: the Dreamfish spring benefit workshop :: with Edie Seashore, Michael Broom and Kathia Laszlo

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with Edie Seashore, Michael Broom, and Kathia Laszlo

On May 30th, join these sage leaders in leading our future. Learn two systemic approaches to leadership, learn sustainable business practices and flip your flippers for Dreamfish in this special benefit. And, when you register, Dreamfish plants 10 trees with a community in Asia or Africa to benefit a local environment and economy.
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Wednesday, May 30th, 8:30-4:30PM

8:30   Network with peers and continental breakfast

9   Welcome! with Tiffany von Emmel, co-founder of Dreamfish
9:15-12:15   The Conscious Use of Self with Edie Seashore and Michael Broom

12:15   A gourmet sustainably-grown lunch buffet by Bay Area chef, Jordan Schachter

1-1:30   Tour of Thoreau Center for Sustainability to view sustainable business practices.

1:30-4:00  Evolutionary Leadership with Kathia Laszlo
4 - 4:30 Community closing 


Dreamfish in the Thoreau Center for Sustainability


Part 1 : The Conscious Use of Self  

                    Edie Seashore and Michael Broom

The Seashores’ major impact has been far more important and has had a much wider horizon than any single discipline. They helped to create, from the time they started in the 509s and ’60s, a new social awareness in organizations. On a personal level, they are two of the most transformative figures I know.
~ Warren Bennis

Ms. Edie Seashore and Dr. Michael Broom are world-renowned change management professionals. Through a combination of presentations, discussion, and interactive exercises, Edie and Michael will help us to look at the depth of our ability to use ourselves as effective agents of change. The conscious use of self is the alpha discipline of leadership. Effective use of self calls for learning how to be aware of and direct our own thoughts, our emotions, and our behavior. As we move toward mastery, we will be more and more able to behave in such a manner that the systems within which we wish to lead will respond in ways consonant with our goals and intentions. The eight fundamental principles of leadership will be introduced:

» Use of System Orientation
» Power and Influence
» Building and Using Support Systems
» Learning from Difference
» Creating Empowerment
» Giving and receiving feedback
» Ensuring Sound and Current Data

This systemic Use of Self approach is applied in Triple Impact Coaching, a model and book by Edie Seashore and Beverly Patwell, and the above disciplines are highlighted in Michael Broom’s book, The Infinite Organization: Celebrating the Positive Use of Power in Managing Organizations.


Part 2 :: Evolutionary Leadership for a sustainable world
                          The mindset, skillset and heartset
                          Kathia Laszlo, PhD

“The evolutionary path ... increases the overall organization9s capacity for change." D. Stoddard & C. Jarbenpaa (1995), Reengineering design is radical: Reengineering change is not, Harvard Business Review

Evolutionary Leadership is a powerful values-driven, collaborative and responsive leadership style that seeks to create synergy and systemic long-term results. As individuals, organizations and communities we are facing complex and unprecedented challenges that include economic globalization, climate change, environmental destruction, and socio-cultural shifts. How leaders respond to these mega-trends will determine our individual and collective future. A new paradigm of leadership is needed— one that places a premium on creating human and environmental well-being. It involves new ways of being, perceiving, thinking, and acting that are deeply committed to manifesting the vision of a sustainable future. Learn and explore with Kathia Laszlo the implications of Evolutionary Leadership in your personal and professional life.



Edie Seashore

A world-renowned sage who has influenced thousands of consultants and leaders worldwide, Edie Seashore is a shaper of the field of organization development, as we know it today. Edie Seashore has been consulting to industrial, military, educational and voluntary organizations for the past forty years. Earning a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Organization Development Network, she served as the President of NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, and has been on the faculties of Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, and American Universities. She is the co-author of Triple Impact Coaching, What Did You Say? The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback, as well Breaking Sex Role Stereotypes: Power, Collusion, Intimacy & Sexuality, and Support. She is also co-editor of Promise of Diversity among other publications. Her client list includes Sun MicroSystems, American Red Cross, Smithsonian Institute, the World Bank, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Naval Academy.

Michael Broom

Michael Broom, PhD, is an organizational psychologist with over thirty years of experience in studying and consulting with organizations toward productivity improvement. This has included working with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions. He was senior faculty of Johns Hopkins University Fellows in the Management of Change and has served as faculty in the AU/NTL program and the Georgetown OD program. He has served on the board of directors of the NTL Institute in Applied Behavioral Science. He is the founder of the Center for Human Systems. He is the co-author with Don Klein of Power: The Infinite Game and author of The Infinite Organization, 2002. Michael Broom and Edith Seashore teach the Practitioners Programs to provide change management practitioners a depth of practical skills that is immediately applicable. The program is offered in Columbia, Maryland; Philadelphia; San Francisco; Montreal; and Anchorage, Alaska.

Kathia Laszlo

Kathia Laszlo, PhD, is a Faculty member of the Presidio School of Management , the Graduate School of Business Administration & Leadership (ITESM), Mexico, and the Executive Director of Syntony Quest. She has conducted action-research and consulting with organizations in Mexico, the United States, and Canada and has published in the areas of knowledge management, future trends in education, learning technologies, and systems thinking and its application to social and environmental concerns. She serves on the Editorial Board of Systems Research & Behavioral Science, is guest editorialist for the Mexican newspaper El Norte, and is currently writing Education & Beyond: An Introduction to the Design of Evolutionary Learning Community. She completed her doctoral work as a Fulbright Scholar from Mexico at Saybrook Graduate School in the area of Human Science with a focus on social and institutional change. She received the Sir Geoffrey Vickers Memorial Award in systems science, and is holder of a Masters Degree in Education with specialization in Cognitive Development, and of a B.A. in the field of Marketing.


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