Explore with Cary Kerst ponds and riversides of Wheeler County for known and new dragonflies; learn about the life-cycles and benefits of these animals that have persisted, nearly unchanged, for some 350 million years! Includes lunch,  transportation, and carbon neutral contribution. Limit, 10  $45

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10 Fascinating Facts About Dragonflies - Insects, …

2. As nymphs, dragonflies live in the water. There's a good reason why you see dragonflies and damselflies around ponds and lakes – they're aquatic!


Dragonfly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order Odonata, the suborder Epiprocta or, in the strict sense, the infraorder Anisoptera (from Greek ανισος anisos ...


The Meaning of a Dragonfly: What Does a Dragonfly …

Are you wondering what the dragonfly represents- it's meaning or symbolism? Article explores the dragonfly: ... Insects > Dragonflies > Symbolism/ Meaning of a Dragonfly.


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Site with TONS of articles and pictures on dragonfly biology, symbolism, books, regional info, more.


The Dragonfly WebSite

Educational resource for dragonflies and damselflies (odonata); articles, photos, conservation, links, habitat info. Member of the Family of Nature Websites


dragonfly (insect) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

dragonfly (suborder Anisoptera), also called darner, ... Dragonflies have a more powerful build and are generally much stronger fliers than damselflies.


Dragonflies - Facts, Identification & Dragonfly Control

Facts, Identification & Control Latin Name. Order Odonata. Appearance. Adult dragonflies have two pair of wings. The back, or hind, wings are slightly larger at the ...


Dragonflies - User Review Sites

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BioKIDS - Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species,

What do they look like? Immature dragonflies have six spindly legs, and a body that is only a few times longer than it is wide. They have two fairly big eyes.


dragonflies and dragonflies baby - Wilmington, NC ...

dragonflies and dragonflies baby, Wilmington, NC. 3,201 likes · 103 talking about this · 68 were here. Local Business


Odonata: Dragonflies and Damselflies - UCMP - …

Both dragonflies and damselflies belong to the Odonata, which is a subgroup of insects, which in turn is a group of uniramian arthropods. Many characteristics ...


Amazon.com: dragonflies: Books

Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. ... Dragonflies through Binoculars: A Field Guide to Dragonflies of North America (Butterflies and Others ...


Odonata - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Odonata is an order of carnivorous insects, encompassing dragonflies (Anisoptera/ Epiprocta) and damselflies (Zygoptera). The word dragonfly is also sometimes used to ...


Dragonflies: Wild Guide: Cynthia Berger: 9780811729710 ...

Dragonflies have attracted the attention of nature watchers the way butterflies did a decade or so ago. These large, dazzling insects can be observed through ...


The Dragonfly - EduWebs- Educational and Curriculum ...

Dragonflies are large and heavy-bodied insects. ... How big is a dragonfly? Dragonflies come in many sizes. The average size of a dragonfly is from


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Dragonflies. 1,526 likes · 13 talking about this. dragonflies@myfairpoint.net or 207-368-5444 for the Newport store Consignment of Quality Gently Used...


Dragonfly - Simple English Wikipedia, the free …

Dragonflies are flying insects of the order Odonata. There are about 5,300 species of dragonfly. The adults eat other flying insects. Dragonflies have large compound ...


dragonflies and damselflies, Odonata - UNIVERSITY OF ...

common name: dragonflies and damselflies scientific name: (Insecta: Odonata) ... A teneral dragonfly has glossy wings and the colors on the body are often pale.


Dragonfly Insect Facts - Bug Facts Insect Field Guide

Dragonfly: Insect field guide to the most commonly found insects and non-insects in North America ... Dragonflies are carnivorous in both larval and adult stages ...


Dragonfly: pictures, information, classification and more

Information on Dragonfly - pictures, articles, classification and more ... Dragonflies and damselflies undergo incomplete metamorphosis during their development.