Double Your Dollars LIVE


Have you noticed that money isn't flowing as easily as it used to flow? Do you want to grow or at least maintain your lifestyle? Are the results getting harder to produce? Are you feeling the money crunch today?

If you said YES to most of all of these questions, that means Double Your Dollars LIVE is for you! By now, you may know that people can make or lose money in any market, and what I share at this weekend will change your financial blueprint forever.

During this Double Your Dollars LIVE weekend, you will integrate the leadership techniques of the world’s most successful individuals to achieve spectacular results. With Matt Brauning’s cutting-edge technologies, we are as close as we’ve ever come to actually being able to “download the software of the mind” just like plugging into “The Matrix.”

You Will Learn:

  • Solve inner conflicts and be 100% motivated to create wealth
  • Let go of negative emotions and subconscious beliefs about money
  • Design and create your abundant future
  • Master your mind so you can master your money
  • Learn the secret patterns of successful people


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