Do Sumthing Positive for Africa Charity BenefitFeed a child Project

DSPA had a successful event in 2006. We received support from Family,friends, musicians and a few young volunteers who also participated in the talent and fashion show. The proceeds received by DSPA were donated to the Friends of the Disabled Charity, towards the purchase of equipment to create jobs and opportunities for them.

The Event

Do Sumthing Positive for Africa is hosting its 2nd Annual Charity Ball in London.

Dumebi Agbakoba, Founder and Director of DSPA Project has been nominated twice at the Future Awards, Nigeria for best use of goodwill and has been recognized for her contributions to helping the under privileged youths.

The main purpose of the charity event is to bring together members of the public, especially well meaning Nigerians, on a particular day and have them pledge their enabling positive resources towards the DSPA project. This charity event will be held on the 17th of October 2008, it will be a high profile event to celebrate and recognize Nigerians Icons and showcase the collection of a diverse range of designers including Award winning Samantha Cole. Talented upcoming designers, Baruch, Esther's Bags, Omar Mansoor and Yetty D.

The Cause

As this is a charity event, support and sponsorship are incredibly vital to the success of the event. The more financial support we get the more we can give towards the establishment and completion of our projects. The proceeds will be donated towards two different projects. The first project will involve building and developing disabled community youth homes in Lagos. The second project involves financial support for the upkeep of young children to alleviate them from hunger in Nigeria

Venue: Palace Suite, Royal Garden Hotel, London
Champagne Reception at 7.30pm
Event starts promptly at 8.00pm
Black Tie

The event will consist of a light dinner and performances by talented artists. The High profile fashion show will showcase the collection of a diverse range of designers, International, Award designer, Samantha Cole, Baruch by Angela Knowles, Omar Mansoor and Yetty D.

With amazing performances by fresh R'n' B talent, Sonia 'La La' Irabor, Indie artist, Tina Mali, music sensation, Grace Obika and Credentials.

DSPA is proudly supported by the designers, artists and creatives. Join us and help to:

Save a child from poverty
Sponsor a child's education
Save a child from the risk of trafficking for domestic and forced labour and prostitution.

Partner Charities:

Friends of the Disabled Charity, Lagos

Lagos State Remand Home, Mushin, Lagos

Join the DSPA Volunteer team and Do Sumthing Positive in your community!

Purchase tickets online at:

Donations can be made online via Nochex:

VIP Front dinner seats: Table Row 2 - 5 £55.00
Center Dinner Seats Table Row 6 - 8 £45.00
Rear Dinner seating: Table Row 9 - 10 £35.00
Rear theatre Seating £25.00

Sponsored and Supported by:

Olisa Agbakoba and Associates
Beverly & Sam Properties
Samantha Cole
Dakou Clothing
Blue Bulb Media
The Trumpet
Organic Root Stimulator
Kemi- Bespoke makeup artistry
Lola Maja - Sacred City

Brought to you by The Bulb Ideas LTD

Do Sumthing Positive For Africa
Company Limited by Guarantee registered no. 06483951

Name Sales End Price Fee
VIP Front dinner seats: Table Row 2 - 5 Ended £55 £1.38
Center Dinner Seats Table Row 6 - 8 Ended £45 £1.12
Rear Dinner seating: Table Row 9 - 10 Ended £35 £0.88
Rear theatre Seating Ended £25 £0.62
Student only tickets Ended £15 £0.5

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