"Do...Don't Talk About It" performance and dance party

Show starts promptly at 3:15 p.m. followed by a discussion. There'll be line dance instruction and old school dancing til 7:00 p.m.

For more details call 773 488-7557

Name Sales End Price Fee
Adult guest   Ended $10 $1.24

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Political Forum

All political issues be it party, candidates or voting issues are specific to the Political Forum. We also offer Blog Spots for anyone inclined to have their own personal blog be it cooking, gardening, political or their own special topic of interest.

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Patriots Destroy Ravens, Win AFC East - Response and Reaction Real Postgame Show

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‘More like homecrueling’

Like anything else in life, I’m sure there are exceptions to this topic. I’m sure there are great reasons for homeschooling. But, to be honest — even though I’m trying really hard, I can’t really think of one. I can’t …

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Chill EB and Me: Rappin' About Scientology

Last night, rapper Chill EB showed up in the comments to the story we had ... And I linked to your London performance. It's the IAS vid that I want. So here's the key question. Are you a Scientologist yourself, or just …

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'Pooping In Reverse': Another One of the Terrible Things People Hope to Put on Cable Access TV [NSFW]

So here's one of the absolute worst things I've ever seen: 'Pooping in Reverse,' a Vimeo-hosted video uploaded by a user called "Ringo Boomschlicka" and supposedly coming to Access Tucson at some point in the future...though in checking the Access …

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My View: Advice to a new teacher

Editor’s note: Rebecca Mieliwocki is a seventh grade English teacher in California who was chosen the 2012 ... give bonuses for good work, review their performance and rotate duties frequently throughout the year so …

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Eagles face big dilemma with Vick

Monday night’s memorable performance from Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has sparked ... partner and convicted felon Quanis Phillips attended Vick’s 30th birthday party — and was shot by an unknown assailant after the party ended.

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