Misery Luvs Company



Grandpa, Elroy Jenkins,  just can't keep his nose out the lives of his extended family.  He lives with Granddaughter Nia, spends his social security checks on young women, and settling into the age where DIAPERS may be in his future.  Elroy preys on an up and coming psychiatrist, Dr. Ashley Stevens, whose business is slowly dying.  Elroy sees this as an opportunity to promote himself as a much needed client of her services.  He tells her of all his love ones' business and sets them up with appointments for counseling. Dr. Stevens has no idea that she just may be shaking hands with the devil himself. He then persuades Dr. Stevens into giving his granddaughter Nia a job as her receptionist to keep her out of jail from boosting clothes.  The family is furious as they show up for their appointments and find out that the grandpa has shared more than enough information of their lives. Charity, a close friend of Elroy's deceased wife, is in for a huge disappointment when she discovers her son's (Ray Ray) lifestyle but is given a reality check about her part in condoning it. A surprise client comes and turns this play inside out and shifts this play into fast forward where secrets are revealed.  Nia is confronted with longtime friend Peaches who shows up for an appointment with her own surprise.  Can their friendship stand the test of time? 

All roads of life meet in this psychiatrist's office. The twist and turns are unexpected and unpredictable.  The question is how can Dr. Stevens help anyone when she can't help herself.   The dynamics that affect all in this extended family can't withstand without the intervention of the divine, God.   Let's Pray!


Name Price Fee
June 6th Saturday 8:00 p.m. $25 $0.99
June 7th Sunday 5:00 p.m $25 $0.99