Ditch the scales

Ditch the scales

The event is run by Donna Still BA hons, Success Coach & Author of the best selling weightloss book, 'Ditch the scales'


Donna acheived amazing weightloss success by tranforming herself from a size 22 to a size 8 in what was effectivey just nine months using the tecniques she is going to teach you. There were no pills, no potions and definitely no surgery involved. Once learnt there will be no limits to what you can acheive with your life.

is the event you've been waiting for if

  • you have ever been on a diet and still struggled to lose weight
  • the thought of exercise sends you quivering under the table
  • you think you have to deprive yourself and starve on foods you don't like to have your dream body
  • you have ever looked in the mirror and had negative thoughts about yourself
  • you've lost hope and believe you can never change the way you look
  • you have ever held yourself back from doing what you really want

at this event you will learn how to lose weight effortlessly by

  • understanding why you get stuck in a rut and how to break out of it forever
  • developing tools and techniques so that you never have to 'diet' again
  • understanding how your relationships from the past are affecting your present
  • by ridding yourself of fears and phobias about life that prevent you from having your dream body/life

 Book Now spaces are limited and they will go fast

for further information call Donna on 07967 200372

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