DiSC Certification

Our philosophy has always been to empower clients to do what we do and to pass on our knowledge and learning through the development of internal consultants. Certification is not required by the publisher of the DiSC family of products, but trainers who complete this process will have a greater depth of understanding of the DiSC model and the variety of tools available to them.

Designed for our clients and our Inscape team members responsible for conducting seminars or providing coaching/consulting with the DiSC Family of Products.The best value in DiSC Certification today.

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When people understand themselves and others they are more effective on the job, so typical objectives are:

  1. To help people resolve interpersonal conflict on (and off) the job- team members, customers, sales prospects, managers, etc.
  2. To help managers create motivational environments which enhance performance

Bottom Line: effective people know themselves, know their strengths and limitations and can adapt to be more effective

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