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Making Money in
Probate Real Estate
in Texas
8:30 am - 3:30 pm, Lunch Included  
    When a person dies, their personal assests go into a restricted legal status called "probate". What most investors do not realize is that the person in control of these probated assests (the Executor of the Estate) has the authority and responsibility to sell these assests in order to pay bills and 'settle the estate'. Due to the conditions in the current real estate market, these Executors are aggressively seeking help in fulfilling their obligations. There are some powerful reasons why investors should take a keen interest in this Probate Real Estate Market. Primarily, they are: properties held in Probate typically have especially high equity values, and they are being sold by very motivated sellers. No other real estate niche offers this unique combination of valuable benefits.
    Recent research has shown that at least 20% of the properties which are placed into Probate each month will be sold off soon - within the next 4-6 months. This is a very high lead rate for those investors who are actively engaged in the Probate Market. By actively working this market, you can expect to add 4-6 properties to your portfolio in the next year. 
    Probate Real Estate has long been a market niche which only a relatively few individuals have mastered. Considering the facts that, more than two million new probate cases are opened every year, and that, at any point in time, there are more than $6 TRILLION in probate-related properties available throughout the US, this is an investing specialty which presents an irresistible opportunity. More than 8000 probates will be filed in the Dallas-Ft Worth area in the next 12 months. Are you ready to share in this bonanza market?
    This six hour introductory workshop is designed to provide the Dallas investment community with a clear and detailed explanation of how you can profit from Probate properties. Come learn how you can access Probate information to identify probate properties in your area that you can buy and sell and make amazing profits!
    Investors who participate in this select market niche are also providing a much needed service to the individuals who are given the serious charge of resolving these probate cases. Estate Executors have the responsibility of settling claims against the estate and frequently the only way they can do that is to sell properties in the estates. They respond well to individuals (investors) who present a defined, proven program to help them move the properties with which they have been entrusted. They are generally well motivated sellers, and can be some of the easiest folks for investors to work with. Learn how to put yourself in this exciting and profitable picture. 
How to Start Your Own 
Real Estate Investor Business
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

    As he has worked with so many new would-be Real Estate Investors, Leon McKensie has discovered that many of these folks, who are trying to start their own business for the first time, do not really know exactly where to begin.
  Leon has a wealth of experience in starting and growing small entrepreneurial businesses. He will provide you with a proven overview on where and how to begin, and what you need to do to survive and be successful.
    He will discuss the ins and outs of opening your own business. He will provide you with his innovative approach which addresses opening a new business from a real world perspective. What is really required to get a business up and running?
    In this intense two hour workshop, Leon will present a number of key topics, including determining which legal entity is best, how to define your corporate look and feel (including logo, letterhead and envelopes), how to structure and work with a business/project plan, how to set up your own web site, which automated tools you should consider, and how to identify cost efficient support tools that will make you as effective as you can and need to be
    At the completion of this session, you will receive a 150 Step Project Plan to assist you in making sure that you do everything necessary to be a success.
    Whether you're just getting started, or you would just like a refresher and some great innovative ideas, don't miss this very practical, instructive and motivating workshop.

Name Sales End Price
ADVANCE - Probate Real Estate(Through May 12) Ended $99
ADVANCE - R/E Investing Business(Through May 12) Ended $59
ADVANCE - Combination (both)(Through May 12) Ended $124
Regular - Probate Real Estate(After May 12) Ended $119
Regular - R/E Investment Business(After May 12) Ended $69
Regular - Combination (both)(After May 12) Ended $144

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