DFW Scrum User Group: July

Welcome to our DFW Scrum User Group. We are sponsored and recognized by the Scrum Alliance and are excited to have you be a part of our growing community here in DFW.

We welcome all roles (Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Scrum Team Members, and Stakeholders). So come prepared to bring your questions, issues, or barriers to Scrum.

Our topic for this session will be "Excellence: The Next Step for Agile and Scrum". Ron Jeffries (founding member of Extreme Programming) will be our guest speaker via video conferencing. We have asked Ron to forgo an actual presentation and just deliver a few bullet points on his view of achieving software excellence. We will then hold a question and answer session with Ron that allows our Scrum community to ask questions and interact with an industry expert.

Scrum is a project management wrapper. It does not prescribe software engineering techniques. Join us as we listen to Ron and his view on how to meld the two together. As we say in Scrum "Our productivity is not measured by velocity, but by quality software".

To contact Ron for a possible consulting engagement (you will not find a better mind in the industry for software quality), you may do so on his own web site: xprogramming.

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