Family Constellations Day Long March 22nd

"The constellations work was amazing.  I feel blessed to have been a part of such an amazing healing experience.  I still feel the support of my family- its an incredible feeling.  Now when things come up I don't get that overwhelming feeling of despair.  I can drop in to the support.  My relationship with my father has grown sweeter.  I just really want to extend my deepest gratitude to you! THANK YOU MATTHEW.  And thanks to the system that is present and working its magic."   -T. R.
"My experience of having my family constellation done was powerful. It was surreal to watch the dynamics of my family (both conscious and unconscious) unfold before my eyes.  I felt the visceral power of the re-patterning begin to take place. This work will have a lasting impact on my own life and generations before and after me." -Sylvia

  It cannot be described in words.  Come and experience this profound work for yourself.
Family Constellations

    Based on the work of German therapist, Bert Hellinger, this unique approach probes the conscience of the family system.  You will have the opportunity to experience how suffering in your relationships, health, family and career may actually be inherited from the lives of your ancestors. This entangled fate is taken on unconsciously, out of a deep but hidden loyalty.  It is a love so deep that the family member may unconsciously choose to die (or not live fully), rather than "betray" the family bond.  This can explain why so many of our issues still persist, even after years of work and effort to change.

The work of Family Constellations makes available:

  -How events that occurred in past generations impact your current life experience.

-Deeply felt shifts that can lead to long-term and life changing results. (as client, representative, or observer)

-A restoration of balance, order, and harmony in place of frustrating entanglements.


It is most effective for those who can trust that solutions may be simple and happen in a short period of time- as if stepping from shadow into light.

Hidden family issues or events may create imbalance or disharmony in the family “field”, and these disturbances frequently lead to illness, depression, suicides, relationship difficulties, accidents, or career problems in the present.

We discover the nature of these hidden dynamics by setting up constellations using representatives to stand in the place of your systemic elements. These elements may be living or dead family members, other people with whom we are in relationship, or problems, symptoms or diseases. A constellation provides a “living map” of key impactful issues. 

Participating as an observer or representative is often as valuable as having your personal constellation done. Our temporary workshop community provides a safe place for the shifts that often occur when all parts of the family system are acknowledged and given their rightful places. Each of us, whether participant or observer, taps into the information that exists in the field and benefits from the knowledge.

Who Might Benefit?

All those desiring more love and connection in their lives and relationship and those who want greater understanding of life's most profound questions.

    Persons struggling with serious life issues, including health problems, depression or anxiety, chronic “survival mode”, painful relationship patterns, or career challenges.

    Couples wanting to create healthy and satisfying relationships.

    Those seeking to deal positively with severe illness and/or death of family members.

    Professionals- physicians, therapists, body workers, clergy – seeking to enrich their practices with new insights about health and human behavior.

How Family Constellations Work in Groups:

A sacred space is created where deep, often unspoken truths about our families and other relational groups may be acknowledged and honored.

Participants describe the issue or problem they want to solve and provide some factual information about their system.  Workshop participants are then chosen, in a unique triple blind method, to represent family, system members and/or other symbolic elements, and physically place these representatives, within the sacred circle, in spatial relationship to each other, according to their inner image.

The workshop leader facilitates an unfolding process where painful losses, family secrets, and harmful connections are revealed and honored. The constellation can then be restructured into a more harmonious system where love and energy flow freely.

Participants leave with a more nourishing picture that inspires freedom, clarity and love. Life changes can effortlessly occur from this newly lucid vision.

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