What Ever Happened to the Holy Spirit

David Ruis is a pioneer in reinterpreting the work of the Holy Spirit in today’s culture. His experience in neo Pentecostalism combined with his work among the poor provides a rich backdrop for us to explore how we can expand our vision and practices to embrace a wider understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in our lives and through our leadership.

Themes David will Address

My journey with the Spirit – the good, bad, ugly, beautiful and why I worship
Poverty and being filled with the Spirit – why I live in LA
The fear of extremism – Avoiding the dreaded extremes of weirdness and boredom

Also Featuring

Jeff Kuess – We have been here before – a little history could save you a lot of grief
Jon Sharp – Why I left the Holy Ghost Parade - what I learned and why I’m coming back
Rose Madrid-Swetman – Why Encounters are not Transformational – until you act on them
Ed Cook – What Paul didn’t say at Mars Hill – and why he did say it in Corinth

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