"It's Time For a Character Makeover" Group Coaching Class for Dance Ministers


It’s Time For a Character Makeover!


Ready to dance in your dominion?

Do you want to close the gap between where you are and where God wants you to be?

Ready to become a better leader?

Is it time to do what it takes to be a great team player?


Join this Leadership and Team Development

Group Coaching Book Study


8-week class by conference call


Through scripture studies and the exercises and journal activities found in the book, we will explore the following topics:


Humility, Confidence, Courage, Self-control, Patience, 

Contentment, Generosity and Perseverance


Choose to participate on:

Tuesdays only (For those in dance leadership positions)

April 28 to June 16

9:00—10:00 pm


Thursdays only (For those who are dance team members)

April 30 to June 18

9:00—10:00 pm


Christ-like character is what makes the difference between the ordinary and the excellent!


Ten Tips for a Successful Journey

So you have decided to take the step and dig deep to understand what God is requiring of you.  First, as a follower of Christ, you must first lead and discipline yourself before you go on to lead and disciple others.  We will tackle some of the common strongholds that trip many of us up along the way by exploring eight character qualities that will transform your areas of defeat into victory.  

  1.  Invite the Holy Spirit to join you as your personal coach.  This character makeover is a collaborative effort between you and God.
  2.  Receive God’s grace as the Holy Spirit reveals truth to you about your life and what is in your heart.
  3. Dig deep and be honest.  Meditate and pray about each character quality.
  4. Complete the exercises and be prepared to join in the discussion during the class. 
  5. Commit to completing all 8 coaching sessions.
  6. Create a master action plan each week. 
  7. Please dial-in on time for each conference call
  8. Registration fees are non-refundable.  In the event of a medical emergency or death in your immediate family that alters your schedule, all effort will be made to graciously accommodate your rescheduling needs.
  9. Please purchase the required text, Character Makeover prior to the first group coaching session.  It can be purchased from the products page on my website (www.valishamcfarlane.com). 
  10. Embrace the accountability, support and sense of community that group coaching offers.

The Benefits

·         Develop spiritual leadership skills

·         Be a better team player for your ministry

·         Allow God to freely work in your life

·         Grow spiritually

·         Be free to follow God’s plan

·         Connect with other Christ-centered people with related life purpose

Name Sales End Price Fee
Full Tuition Payment - Class for Dance Ministry Leaders Only Ended $60 $1.5
50% Tuition Payment - Class for Dance Ministry Leaders Only Ended $30 $0.99
Final Tuition Payment - Class for Dance Ministry Leaders Only Ended $30 $0.99
Full Tuition Payment - Class for Dance Team Members Ended $60 $1.5
50%Tuition Payment - Class for Dance Team Members Ended $30 $0.99
Final Tuition Payment - Class for Dance Team Members Ended $30 $0.99

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