Communicating the Value of Security Seminar - Preview

As security professionals, we work hard to protect information. Yet our ability to effectively communicate the value of our efforts is the difference between success and failure. Quick – answer these three questions:

  • How do you differentiate yourself?
  • Are you able to convey the value of your efforts to any audience, in any medium?
  • What do people say about you?

Effective communication – including the ability to quickly connect, rapidly differentiate and convey value with confidence — is essential for success. Many so-called “security failures” are really challenges of communication.

Tired of wasting time, money and hitting roadblocks because people “just don’t understand?”

Ready to take your ability to communicate to the next level?

You are invited to transform you career and learn how to communicate the value of security. Michael Santarcangelo, an innovator in the field of security, author and professional speaker blends his unique and powerful experiences into an innovative seminar that rapidly transforms how participants communicate the value of security (especially to those without a technical background).

During this special preview of the Security Catalyst designed– Communicating the Value of Security Seminar – combined with an afternoon for the family (think: pool party), BBQ (provided courtesy of Cauldron) and then an afternoon/evening of “campfire conversations” to explore whatever topics make sense to those of us there, as a families.


Michael's promise: come with a communication challenge,

leave with a solution you can use on Monday!


What is Included?

Cauldron is sponsoring this preview session which includes:

  • Full Communicating the Value of Security Seminar
  • Supporting materials and handbook - leave with a solution, and with a method to repeat success
  • Pool Party (for the family members)
  • BBQ (for the whole family)
  • After hours conversations - tweak a presentation, share a concept, sit and talk with other families


Vendors – this is a special opportunity for you, too

Are you a vendor looking to rapidly differentiate your solution, communicate the value quickly and effectively and influence word of mouth? This is an opportunity to preview the power of the CVS Seminar and the upcoming 12-15 city Catalyst onTour Seminar Series. We have a limited number of vendor preview packages available. Please contact us to find out if space is available and to explore how to add the Security Catalyst to your efforts!

The CVS Seminar

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  • Why this seminar is succesful here:
  • Frequently asked questions here:

This is a results-driven approach that is tailored to the specific challenges and needs of participants, and provides immediate and lasting value. After successfully completing this seminar, get support, obtain budgets and change the way people protect information.

  1. Hands-on, highly interactive seminar that teaches improved communication through the applicationof the Catalyst Communication Framework™, a five-step process for effective communication.
  2. Participants learn in a safe environment, practicing each step through customized labs that provide opportunities for collaboration and learning through real-world examples.
  3. Leave the seminar with a prepared and practiced presentation designed to solve a key challenge (win a project, get support for a budget request, influence resources).

Communicating the Value of Security engages all participants in communication coaching and constructive feedback. Learn the organizational, communication and presentation skills needed for success and practice how to clearly demonstrate the tangible business value of information and physical security initiatives.

Why is Michael doing this?

As you may have heard, Michael and his family are selling their house and hitting the road full time in their RV. They’re going to touch as many cities a year as they can, working to bring positive change through their innovation, education and implementation. The CVS Seminar is a large part of that.

This is an opportunity for Michael to offer you the complete seminar ahead of others – and prepare for the road…

What’s the catch?

No catch. Come. Bring the family. Learn how to communicate more effectively and enjoy a day of fellowship. Who knows, learning how to communicate your value just might save your job!


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