CrunkFest for Christ 2008 Back By Popular Demand Doing It BIG JESUS STYLE.....For the Kingdom

 CrunkFest for Christ is a talent/worship showcase for youth and adults to be able to RePresent Christ.

CrunkFest 4 Christ.....

 2008 Parade:


Line up 8am-8:45am

8:45am Prayer

9am-10am – Parade

          Start at Lanett High Parking Lot, Projects across the street; West Shawmut Area, then to cherry drive, GO to New Projects, Go to Old Projects, end at Pilgrim Parking Lot


CrunkFest 4 Christ:

"It's A NEW Thang!"

"I'm About to do a BRAND New thing...Can't You See?" (Is. 43:19)

10:00am – Arrive/ Enjoy Hot Chocolate & Doughnuts

10:15am - Opening Praise & Worship

          10:30am – What’s Up with MySpace WorkShop #1 / (Guyz & Gals)


11:00am - Talent Showcase Part  #1

11:30am – “What’s Up with Yo SWAGGA Work-Shop #2” / (Guyz & Gals)


12:00pm – Bringing Jesus Back Fashion Show


12:30pm - Talent Showcase Part  #2


1:00pm- Special Performance Guests


1:30pm – Walk It Out for Christ Contest (rules: 5 people per group, group must contain a spiritual leader, minister, pastor, youth pastor etc)


1:45pm-2:00pm – Closing Worship Service



Name Sales End Price Fee
2008 Vehicle /Business Parade Pass   Ended $10 $0.99
Schools & Non-Profit Parade Pass   Ended Free
Attendee Registration Pass   Ended Free
2008 Vendor Pass CRunkFest 4 Christ   Ended $25 $0.99
Donate to US!   Ended Free
Model Fashion Show Registration   Ended Free
Talent Showcase Registration   Ended Free

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CrunkFest for Christ 2008 Back By Popular Demand Doing It ...

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