"Strategic Solutions for Leading and Thriving in Uncertain Times"

                                       THE CORPORATE ZEN CENTRE- VANCOUVER
                            " Strategic Solutions for Leading and Thriving in Uncertain Times"
WHEN:    Thursday Sept. 17th
TIME:       5:30 - 8: 30 P.M.
WHERE:    ARBUTUS CLUB   (Strathcona Room)
                  2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver (across from Arbutus Mall)
COST :     $35 (Includes full buffet dinner)
5:30 p.m.   Netweaving with Purpose and Passion
6:30 p.m.   Dinner
7:00p.m.    Interactive Discussion Forum
  •     Surviving, Thriving, and Reviving
  •     Choosing between Resiliency and Surrender
  •     Reviving Who You Really Want to Be in Business and in Life 
  •      The MBA Oath
  •      The Corporate Zen Leaders Circle


8:30 p.m.   Adjourn and post forum mingling
Register online at
*   Limited Seating of 25
Connecting, Collaborating and Integrating

The Corporate Zen Centre is  "a multi-disciplinary, fully integrative centre, incorporating a new entrepreneurial model that has the opportunity with its partners to change the model of business learning from bottom line thinking to one that emphasizes the "blended bottom line".


Founded on the belief that businesses can and should produce social good and contribute to the sustainability of our planet's eco system while producing financial returns that reasonably reward the risk and commitment of shareholders, "The Z Centre"  is driven by all of it's stakeholders not just faculty and management. The stakeholders being the students themselves and professionals in the community and business world who have now become part of the global movement of Zentrepreneurism.


The Corporate Zen Centre  combines  traditional Western thought with a new more enlightened Eastern philosophy of seeking answers to the daily challenges of business and life. It resonates for those who are experiencing a new direction and purpose in their lives. And for those who are seeking    more meaningful work in their search for ethical paths to lasting prosperity..






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Corporate Zen Centre Leaders Forum Ended $35 $2.02

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"Strategic Solutions for Leading and Thriving in …

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