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Sign up for CONNECT’s online community today and start pre-event networking with other guests now. The community will serve as a forum for attendees to create meaningful connections and message other entrepreneurs, including speakers, Get Advice leaders, peers, mentors, industry experts and more.

CONNECT is a conference for early-stage tech entrepreneurs who want the answers to “what’s next for my company”. Join over 700 attendees learning from tech entrepreneurs and mentors who’ve been there and made it – and be inspired to create your strategy for startup success. 

Uncover the answers to the burning question on every entrepreneur’s mind … What’s my next step?  Learn what you didn’t know and get it straight from the people who’ve accomplished it. Stay ahead of the curve with the expert advice you will gain at CONNECT.

What you can’t afford to miss:

  • Keynote: Made in BC - Lane Merrifield, Club Penguin
    The inspiring inside story of how and Okanagan startup caught the eye of Disney and the world.
  • Case Studies: There are two sides to every story: Hear what worked and what didn’t from both the Entrepreneur and the Expert.
  • Lightning Lessons: How I Did It: 5 minutes from 5 startups on HOW they beat the odds.

AND, on top of that, at
CONNECT you will get expert advice, face-to-face, from 30 of BC’s tech leaders gathered together in one spot for the sole purpose of meeting you. Walk away with the answers to “what’s next” and get started tomorrow.


4:00pm             Registration

4:30-5:30pm      Case Studies
Startup Business Strategies (Rooms 109-110)
Marketing Strategies (Rooms 202-204)
- This session is now full
Get Fundable (Rooms 205-207) - This session is now full

5:45-6:30pm      Lightning Lessons
Funding (Rooms 109-110)
Partnerships (Rooms 202-204) - This session is now full
Growth Beyond BC (Rooms 205-207)

6:30-8:00pm      Networking and Dinner (Get Advice & What's Next Expo)

8:15-9:30pm      Keynote Address: Made in BC

9:30pm+           Networking


Learn more about CONNECT at Also follow CONNECT on Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and RSVP to the Facebook event.

And check out or follow BCIC on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

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