Facilitating and Mediating Effective Environmental Agreements: An intensive three-day workshop hosted by CONCUR, Inc.

Negotiation over complex environmental issues is often required in the day-to-day work of attorneys, planners, engineers and applied scientists, natural resource managers, real estate professionals and experts in hazardous waste cleanup. Yet for many of these professionals, negotiation techniques and their practical application were not part of their earlier training. CONCUR's professional development courses are specifically designed to equip professionals with these skills. Our training and real-world experience make us a premier provider of environmental training services.

Please visit the website for full details or to learn about CONCUR's work:http://www.concurinc.com/

Date: December 2-4, 2008

Location: Clark Kerr Campus of the University of California at Berkeley

"Facilitating and Mediating Effective Environmental Agreements" is an intensive three-day workshop that builds on the theory and skills taught in Course One. It is designed to meet the needs of professionals who are considering using facilitated or mediated approaches, but have limited experience applying these tools to environmental policy disputes. The course is organized around CONCUR’s model of a stepwise process for building agreements. Each participant will have an opportunity to set the groundrules and agenda for a simulated negotiation, and to serve as a facilitator or mediator. In addition, all participants will receive individual coaching and an evaluation of their mediation style.

Course Two topics include:

  • Conflict assessment and stakeholder analysis
  • Negotiation styles
  • The role of power among participants
  • Distinctions between facilitation and mediation
  • CONCUR’s stepwise negotiation process
  • Framing issues and developing groundrules to prepare for a mediated multi-party simulation
  • Joint fact-finding: a process for building the technical foundations of environmental agreements
  • Panel presentation and discussion
  • Single-text negotiation

    Course Two is open to graduates of CONCUR’s Course One, or to individuals who possess some experience and training in the principles of mutual gains bargaining. (If you are interested in Course Two but do not have these qualifications, please contact the Berkeley office of CONCUR for recommended readings to bring you up to speed).


    A coursebook, refreshments, lunches, and parking are included in the course tuition.
    Individuals: $875.00 if enrolled before November 15th, $925.00 afterward
    Students/non-profits: $625.00
    Course 1 Graduates: $725.00
    Groups: 2-for-1 discount until 11/15, other discounts may apply. For more information on group discounts, please contact Amy LeBlanc at (510) 649-8008 or email amy@concurinc.net

    PLEASE NOTE:  The deposit amount of $250 is non-refundable after 11/15 for each individual.

    CONCUR is willing to make payment arrangements for individuals and groups to meet your financial needs and enable you to attend our trainings.

    If you would prefer to register by mail or fax (to send a check or purchase order or receive an invoice), click here to download a printable Training Enrollment Form (.pdf)

    For questions or more information, please contact Amy LeBlanc at our Berkeley Office : (510) 649-8008.

  • Tickets
    Name Sales End Price
    Individual after 11/15 Ended $925
    Individual: Course I Alumni Ended $725
    Student/Non-profit (please confirm with CONCUR first) Ended $625
    2nd person from a group/org (20% off $925) Ended $740
    3rd, 4th, 5th etc. person from group (30% discount off $925) Ended $647.5
    Individual until 11/15 Ended $875
    1st person for buy one get one free: extended until 11/15 Ended $437.5
    2nd person for buy one get one free: extended until 11/15 Ended $437.5

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