WiMAX Progress: Standards and Deployment


The WiMax Progress - Standands and Deployment


Dr. Ching-Tarng Hsieh, Director of the WiMAX Forum Taiwan Office


Dr. Ching-Tarng Hsieh has more than 20 years experience in information and communications technologies including WiMAX, WLAN, 5ESS, 4ESS, IS-95, cdma_2000, and UMTS systems. He has worked in systems engineering, architecture, software development, and project management with extensive experience in switching system and protocol software development.
Dr. Ching-Tarng Hsieh received his Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from The University of Texas at Austin. He worked at Bell Laboratories/Lucent Technologies for 15 years before joining the Industrial Technology Research Institute. He is now an Engineering Director of the Information & Communications Laboratories responsible for technology development and promotion of wireless industry. Dr. Hsieh works with WiMAX Forum and the WiMAX community extensively to promote WiMAX globally and is now Director of the WiMAX Forum Taiwan Office. He is also the chair of International Collaboration Group of the Networked Communications Program in Taiwan responsible for promoting international collaboration and standards participation.


WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access? has been on the spotlight of global wireless industry for several years. Compared to other broadband wireless technologies, WiMAX is the only technology available today that enables mobile internet. Deployment of mobile WiMAX networks accelerated after the availability of mobile WiMAX product certification and proliferation of devices late 2008. The WiMAX development in Taiwan reached an important milestone with first commercial service launched on April 27, 2009. UQ Communications in Japan announced soft launch earlier this year with popular demand. WiMAX activities including spectrum planning, auction of licenses, and network deployment in all regions of the world. According to WiMAX Forum, there are currently 455 WiMAX deployments in 135 countries providing fixed and mobile WiMAX services. This presentation will describe the status IEEE 802.16 specifications and state of WiMAX Forum including network architecture and product certification. The WiMAX deployments and application in Taiwan and other regions including emerging and developed countries will be described and discussed.

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The 802.16m technology is much faster than current WiMax, but will compete against speedy LTE. The standard is designed to provide speeds ... offer the opportunity for organizations to deploy more sophisticated capabilities, and vastly improve security.

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a dedicated airport system based on WiMax standards, which links aircraft and ground systems at the airport. The agency quickly proved that satellite communications could meet all the requirements for full 4D trajectory operations despite the uniquely ...

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and mobile WiMAX (802.16e and WiBRO) standards. The reference designs are complete implementations of a mobile station (MS) or basestation (BS), including PHY, MAC, radio, hardware designs, and management software. The PC6520 and PC6530 …

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