The Compass Collage Experience


The Depth & Length of Life

Over-Achieve without Over-Committing!

Create your personal vision of the universal desire for a life of peace, joy, dignity & worth.



The Compass Collage Experience™

 Designed for Women in the Legal Profession

 September 12, 2009

 Attendee check-in begins at 8:30am

The Compass Collage process  is truly an extraordinary experience. It allows you to identify and eliminate the most common blocks to enjoying peace of mind, personal success, and a life filled with love, joy and happiness. In our society, in particular the intense world of the legal profession, it is normal to be deluged by negative emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicting priorities. It’s normal, but not necessary.

In the Compass Collage Experience by Navigate™  you will plot a quick, easy, and effective  step by step course to detour life's roadblocks and  master techniques for achieving lasting change and personal empowerment.

In this 1 day workshop you will :

  • Explore new depths and chart new paths for a Life of Purpose, Passion & Prosperity.  
  • Build your skills through practical application of proven life management techniques. 
  • Become more confident as you explore in a safe and supportive environment, making you ready to act boldly
  • Stake a claim for those things that are truly what matter most in your life
  • Create a One Page Life Plan ™   that will get you and keep you on track for a life fulfilment without the stress and guilt of over-committing. 

Who Should Attend:


Any woman who is overwhelmed by the demands of her schedule and daily life, OR is driven to succeed, OR feels that perhaps there is something more to the experience of life, OR  any woman who wants to:

v     Eliminate Stress & Negativity

v     Learn How to Manage Fear

v     Get Out of Your Own Way

v     Create A Fulfilling Life Plan



About Your Day:

  •  Lunch and 2 Snack Breaks will be provided, beverages included
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will allow for mild stretching
  • Bring 3 or more magazines to use for collaging
  • Be prepared to Set a New Course for a Life of Fulfillment.

Name Sales End Price
Compass Collage Attendee Ended $395