InSights Connections Group: Color Theory

This week we will have a special topic presentation:

The Effects of Color in Our World

 Why do some rooms make you feel peaceful and others drive you crazy? Did you know that the color you wear has the power to subconsciously attract people or repel them? Can the color of your business card or flyer make a difference in your potential customers' interst level? Join us to learn how color affects us, how to use it wisely and "paint" the social and business environment for your success!

 This study will look at the physical colors in our world and how they affect our moods, feelings, emotions, and well being.

 The color theory discussed will be based on the Robert Dorr study of Key 1 and Key 2 color coding. His in sights into colors impact on the world was the first study of its kind. This fascinating study of color psychology will help categorizes people into their color group, and harness the abilities and influences of the use of color.

 This study will help you understand how to use the colors around you to influence the outcomes you desire. Color is a powerful tool!

 This is your opportunity to:
Continue networking with local businesses and service providers
Share your message
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Learn how to strengthen your marketing, lead capture, follow up, and close of the sale

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