"Be One Less: Taking A Stand Against Cervical Cancer"

Do you have questions about Cervical Cancer and HPV? Get the facts by joining The Collegiate Cancer Council of The Ohio State University on Tuesday February 24 at 6:30PM in Campbell Hall Room 200 for:

Be One Less: Taking A Stand Against Cervical Cancer.

Dr. Eric Eisenhauer, Gynecology Oncologist and Cervical Cancer Specialist from The James Cancer Center, will speak about HPV and its relationship to Cervical Cancer as well as take questions from students. Plus, hear stories of survival and hope from Deborah Grose, current OSU student, and Linda Whitter coach of the OSU women’s synchronized swimming team.  All students are welcome to attend.

The event is FREE so take advantage of this important information and enjoy Adriatico’s pizza and pop.

For campus maps and parking information go to


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